Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Day 554

"Don't wait for a light to appear at the end of the tunnel ... stride down there and light the bloody thing yourself."
- Sara Henderson - 1936-2005 - Australian outback station manager and writer - 

My all time favourite quote.  

But what happens when you live in Canberra and the light switch is in New York? 

I am seriously freakin frustrated.  Worse than that. I am bloody well getting angry.  The frustration is hurtling out of control and is forming fire in my belly and steam our my ears.  

Where the hell is my book??  WHERE IS IT???????

First we were aiming for a Christmas release.  That came and went. Then it was Easter. But Easter is in two weeks! Where the fuck is my book?! WHERE IS IT????

I know, my contract says 365 days from signature.  That means early August.  But three phone conversations have verbalised a sooner release.  And two phone conversations have advised their interested in my second book.  But none of it is coming to fruition.  

I'm a Nike chick.  My mentality is "just do it".  So why is it taking so long?  WHY????  Just freakin well do it?  Give me the final mock ups of the first book, I'll say "yay" and you can press the print button.  Easy. Then put some time aside, look at book 2 again, print out one of your standard contracts and I'll sign it.  Again, easy.  

Clearly I know nothing about publishing.  Because if it was that easy it would be done wouldn't it? WOULDN'T IT????

I have sent them a polite but direct email asking for immediate attention.  They have had two business days to action it. I have not heard from them.  

There is no light at the end of my tunnel.  I feel as though my hands are tied.  What do I do?  I mean, it's bloody hard getting a publisher to begin with. I am very grateful. But I am also bloody frustrated.

This control freak has lost control.  Leanimal is in da house ...

Is it time to get on a plane to NYC and light the bloody thing myself?  


  1. Oh that must be so frustrating. Maybe it is a good excuse to take a trip to NYC.

  2. I'm a Nike chick too - I would be bloody frustrated too.

  3. I can see your frustration Leanne! We are all awaiting your book too! Perhaps a trip to 5th Ave is just the ticket. Of course you'll need a photographer to document your journey :)))). Chin up Nike chick, let's just do it!

  4. The frustration is understandable Leanne. Maybe you should ask a friend living in NY to make a trip to the publishing house. If they don't respond even then, time to pack your bags.


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