Thursday, April 14, 2011

Day 555

Yep, it's time for some Woot Woot!!!

Why? Because it is Day 555 and that looks kinda neat.

Plus I had a crap day yesterday so it's time to get rid of Leanimal and allow the Lovely Leanne to return.

Plus tomorrow is pay day for Husband which only happens once a month and that means time for another monthly grocery shop .... which ordinarily I don't love ... except for when I take my Sunny Daze shopping bags along for the ride.

Remember those Sunny Daze shopping bags?  I first wrote about their fabulousness a year ago here.  I said (and I quote) "These are seriously the Milano Blaniks of the shopping bag world." It's true! That's what they are.  When you shop with these bags you really feel like going Woot Woot!! Grocery shopping becomes an event full of sunshine and sparkles.

Oh, and did I mention that these bags have actually featured in the TV show Packed to the Rafters?  I didn't mention that? The lovely creator of these bags is one of my dedicated daily followers (Boomerang Jane) and she actually sent a stash of bags to Channel 7 and they went "Woot Woot" and used them in their show. Now that's cool.  

So, who would like to feel like a TV star and get their own shopping trip filled with sunshine and sparkles?  Come on, you know you want to.  I have teamed up with Boomerang Jane to give away not one, not two, not even three, and lets skip four .... we're giving away FIVE Sunny Daze bags to one follower to truly make your shopping trolley radiate sunshine.

All you have to do is:

  • Follow me (if you don't already) and leave a comment below on why you'd like a set of bags. That gives you entry into the draw,
  • And for an extra entry into the draw you should follow Boomerang Jane over at her blog. She's feeling a bit lonely over there and could do with some stalkers.
  • Oh, you want a third entry? Well, you need to go over to the Boomerang Jane Facebook Page and post a bit of Woot Woot on her wall, and you might as well "like" her while you're at it.  Just tell her that I sent you over for a look and that you like what you see.
  • Hang on, you want a fourth entry? Bugger off.  Now you're getting a bit pushy.  There is no fourth entry. Unless of course you refer a new follower to my blog and they leave a comment advising the referral. Then you get a fourth entry.  Happy now?
  • This competition is open to EVERYONE!! World-wide .....
  • Entries close next Wednesday 20 April at midnight AEST
So, what are you waiting for?  Get your party whistles out and do a bit of Woot Woot.  A Sunny Daze shopping experience could be just around the corner ....


  1. Aren't they gorgeous! just the thing to brighten the drudgery of grocery shopping.

  2. Would love to show these bags off here in Pennsylvania!!...they would make me smile and think of my bestie....

  3. Woot woot, happy 555. Very aesthetically pleasing number. Sheesh, 555 days of blogging without missing one day...I think you deserve a prize!!

    Thank you, thank you for that wonderful quote. *blush*. Including my bags in the same category as Mr Milano B's shoes is a huge boost to my ego *big smile* (to go with my now big head!).

    Look forward to seeing some of the Deep Fried Fruit Fan club over at boomerang jane. Mmmwwahh xx

  4. Mmmwwahhh right back at ya!
    You're in Mrs Bods ... 3 entries :)
    Thanks Toni ... got an entry for you too!

  5. I have a lot of those ugly green shopping bags from Woolies sitting in another ugly green bag in my kitchen ready for each shopping day. If I could shove them all inside one of these beauties it would brighten up my kitchen!

    New follower here, found you through FYBF! Looking forward to reading some more, feel free to pop over and say hi :)
    Kellie x

  6. Hop'pin by from 'FlogYoBlog Friday'. I'm following your blog now, wont you please come and follow me back?? ~KM

    Krafty Max Originals

  7. I won't enter because I already had a win from here not long ago (which I used daily btw) but I just wanted to say they are fancy pants bags and how cool that channel 7 put them on Packed to the Rafters!

  8. Hi Kellie, and welcome to DFF. You've got 3 entries. Woot woot!
    Thanks for the follow Krafty Max! But you've gotta tell me why you want/like the bags just so I know you are reading ;)
    Thanks Mummy Hat and welcome. Hit "follow" and I'll enter you into the draw :) You know you want a set of these ...
    That's very chivalrous Glowy (is that how you spell it?) and yes they are very fancy pants. I'm tempted to enter you into the draw anyway

  9. They look lovely and I could do with some sunshine and sparkles!!!

    New follower via FYBF, pop by and say Hi!

  10. Welcome Qld Girl!! I am on my way to your joint in a week! Chasing after that sun that you have there in your profile picture. Thanks for the follow (actually, two of them?!) plus two from Boomerang Jane. So 4 entries!! Woot Woot.

  11. Oh my goodness, and a "like" for Boomerang Jane on Facebook! You're in like Flynn Qld Girl. 5 entries.

  12. Hi, I'm a new follower too in from FYBF :D

    Those bags are gorgeous!! So bright and happy.

  13. Hi Kate! Welcome. Have put you in the draw :)


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