Saturday, April 16, 2011

Day 557

It's Saturday. 

Time to reflect on the week that was ... there's a whole lot to be grateful for. 

Gratefuls 1 and 2
It started slowly with a less than energetic Monday morning, but that all changed when my magic girl took to the pool and swam her way into the State finals.  Being able to work my own hours so that I can witness such magical events is something to be truly grateful for.

And yes, it has now been confirmed.  She's on her way to the big race.  But .... (unfortunately there is a "but") ... the race is on when we're still on our way home from Queensland. We're due to be on the central coast. Shit.

Don't panic! It is with a pocket full of happy thanks that we have the resources and the extra cash needed to (hopefully) change our travel plans slightly. Something I will be working on today ...

Grateful 3
On Wednesday I had a really big spack attack about the lack of action by Mr Publisher. I woke up feeling extremely frustrated and wrote a big cranky post complete with swearing.  I probably sounded less than grateful. I still haven't heard from him and now I am sucking on my acrylics wondering if he read my blog post! But then, why would he? Who do I think I am that Mr Publisher would be interested in Deep Fried Fruit?  He doesn't even know I blog.  Or does he? But yes, my acrylics continue to be my food of choice right now.  So this is where I publicly declare that I am very grateful for Mr Publisher and I will try and be more patient and understanding.  I don't fully understand the hold up, but I am grateful none-the-less. My book will be on shelves at the exact time it is meant to be ...

Grateful 4
Thursday was a day of WOOT WOOT and the ability to woot woot about any little thing is definitely something to be grateful for.  I am also grateful for the networks I have made in this little world of mine and the ability to share such lovely things as Sunny Daze shopping bags.  If you haven't entered the draw, be sure to head on over to get your own little bit of woot woot.  This is open world-wide.

Gratefuls 5 and 6
Friday was a hugely productive day with a great cheer "meeting"/ walk , a lovely new set of eyebrows, more pride as I watched my daughter "star" in the school's Easter play (I use the word "star" loosely, but it was her first ever speaking part), and an actual face-to-face lunch with a fellow bloggy follower. That right there is a whole lot of grateful.

We only had an hour together but it was a very chatty hour and we learned so much more about each other.  When I sat down with E I felt like I already knew her. And although I had never seen her photo she looked really familiar.  I recognised her immediately (well, in large part because of her Greatest Shave crew cut and matching Greatest Shave t-shirt). And she recognised me straight away too but that was a bit easier given my big face is plastered all over my blog and I had told her EXACTLY what I would be wearing right down to my shoes (no, I'm not an anally retentive control freak at all).  

My second grateful for Friday was for my sick husband who was at home entertaining the Darbster while I went off with my magic girl for her second Calisthenics Duo Competition of the year.  I have accused him of having Man Flu all week thinking he was just milking his head cold. I was less than sympathetic.  It turns out he has a full on chest infection and he's now on a double dose of antiobiotics.  So while I watched Miss Tahlia perform yet again this week, Husband was home lying on the couch hanging out with his son.

Grateful 7
In the midst of all that I managed to complete a big client project which I am very happy about. I am super grateful to all the people who were involved. I won't go into any detail about it today, because I've taken up too much of your time already, but please come back tomorrow as I launch the first promotional DVD of Achieve Beyond Television right here at Deep Fried Fruit.  Woot woot!

That's my week that was. 

How was your week?

What are you grateful for?

Head on over to Maxabella to see what other gratefuls are floating around the blogosphere ....


  1. Well so much to read, love it!! First up, special mention to your husband, i think the psychology of his 'man flu' goes like this - you didn't feed his needs/ ego so it developed into a full blown chest infection, so he can hold it over you in the future. It's bitten you on the bottom i'm afraid.
    Huge congratulations on your swimmer - still getting my head around the fact we've already run our athletics carnival to meet the time schedule set by ACT athletics this year?? What, swimming & running in the same term?? Better season for it, nothing like a frozen athletics carnival when your long distance runners disappear into the dawn mist. Can't say my 4 are strong swimmers or at the ACT finals, but if you're up for athletics, in particular the 800m, 100m, 200m & long jump - i'll see you at the state finals for those with children sprinkled in each event. Got to love the AIS sitting in the freezing stand looking into the sun all day, man, Canberra, you have it all. Love Posie

  2. Hello! Loved catching up with you. why was I worried that we would have nothing to talk about? I'm sure if we both didn't have stuff to do we could have been there all afternoon.

    And yes it helped knowing what you were going to wear. You saying your were going to wear your boots inspired me to wear mine. LOL.

    I hope Husband gets well quickly. Look forward to seeing you again.

    PS - Everyone, Leanne is just lovely!

  3. So many things to be thankful for. I think it is your perspective of the things and I love it.

    Hope your husband starts feeling better.

    Have a great weekend. xo

  4. Posie - that's an interesting though re husband ... I think you might be right! And Yes, I was wondering the same thing about the athletics side of the business. I don't have anyone in that PSSA this year. Tahlia has done the long jump before. I seem to recall it was ice cold and sprinkling with rain (or was that sleet?) Best wishes to your crew!!
    E - I agree! I reckon we would have sat there all afternoon. For anyone that knows me that wouldn't surprise them. I can talk a bit. I look forward to our next catch up after I read the book. It was such a nice luncheon ...
    Ratz - Yes, so much to be thankful for. Husband is doing well now. The antibiotics have set in. No more man flu ...

  5. Let me hear a woot-woot! That was fun. I am grateful for naptime right now. Very grateful.

  6. I haven't heard the term 'spak attack' since high school. Whooooosh, thanks for that amazing trip down memory lane.

    Hope the hubs is okay by now! x

  7. Hope you managed a nap Kristy.
    And LOL Maxabella! Yep ... I think I may be stuck in the 80s.


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