Sunday, April 17, 2011

Day 558

So I mentioned yesterday that I had a big client DVD I'd been working on and that I released it this week. A big woot woot and loads of gratefuls.

Remember me talking about the Yuk to Kids project back here? Yuk to kids TM is a new child safety logo designed to deter children from touching poisons found in and around the home. Anyway, it's time to get the whole communication and marketing campaign kick started so we put a DVD together to send around the place, plus we're entering it into the Huggies Inspired Mums competition.

Yep, I'm featured in my very own "Zoot" style commercial. Can I just say it's not easy smiling the entire time you talk. I had sore cheeks for days afterwards.

Warning: This goes for ten minutes, which is ten minutes you may not want to give away, but trust me,  it's worth a look-see ... especially the bit where a Mum tells how her three year old daughter was poisoned and how they managed to save her. Oh, and the bit where kids are seeing the logo for the fist time and their actual non-scripted reactions to it, proving that it really does work.

Happy Sunday everyone.  I for one am spacing out ... completely going splat ... well, other than a spot of groceries .... and folding washing ...

Let me know what you think of the footage and the Yuk to Kids concept. Unless you hate it then don't say anything because then I might not love you anymore ...



  1. a) BRILLIANT concept

    b) DVD is very well put together (go, you!) and explains the concept perfectly.

    Do you still love me?

  2. Love the video. (Okay, and I LOVE all of the Aussie accents!)

  3. Wow, you go girl, love the video. I am recommending it to my brother for his family straight away and will communicate it to any parents I encounter.

    And as for yesterdays blog, yay for you.

  4. Thank you, thank you, thank you.
    I LOVE you all :)
    PS Draft Queen ... hope you could understand us. I tried to put on my most refined Aussie voice.

  5. PPS Kas - you can refer anyone to either the Yuk to Kids website , Achieve Beyond (will put a link up there soon) or tell them to search for Achieve Beyond Television on You Tube. Cheers (and Thank You ... again)

  6. I already posted on the Facebook page, so you'd be well aware of my awe, praise & impressiveness of you, the product & the whole production. Pat on the back to you.

  7. Thats awesome congrats. Those pearly whites are destined for the spotlight! x

  8. I'm loving your special dvd! And yes, smiling like that hurts your cheeks! And it's hard to keep smiling while talking. A skill I never thought I could include in my life skills list. xx

  9. Thanks for the pats Boomerang Jane. Love a good pat ...
    I guess that tooth whitening gel is working then Michelle!
    Kymmie ... who thought being so over the top happy could pull a muscle?!
    Thank you all for your support and comments. It helps us move forward.


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