Monday, April 18, 2011

Day 559

Sometimes my husband drives me mental. Other times he keeps me sane.

I've had some dreadful nights sleep over the last few nights.  Remember how I thought there was something in the wind? That something huge was about to happen but I had no idea what? That I didn't know if it was a good something or a bad something?  Well for the last few nights that feeling has come back, only it's been a feeling of dread. Like I'm about to get some bad news.  My mind is full of crazy chatter, not good nor bad chatter, just a mess of every thought I've ever had in my life ... past, present, future ... buzzing about my head.  It's happening in my dreams and it is happening when I lay awake at 3.00am. Anyway, clearly I have a few chemicals out of whack right now and it's causing me to feel a little bit anxious of a night time. Day times I'm fine! I'm a happy camper.  Skipping through the  tulips and all that. Just a very tired happy tulip skipping camper ...

So anyway, sometimes my husband drives me mental. Other times he keeps me sane.

Yesterday arvo I headed off for my fortnightly massage.  I was telling my trusty masseuse of 15 years (yes Joy, I do believe we've been together that long) about the brain chatter.  We laughed because each time she wanted to talk about something really clever and inspiring during my session she'd forget what she was saying.  It seems that not only am I conjuring up every thought I've ever had in my lifetime, but I'm stealing the thoughts of others as well.  That's a hell of a lot of brain chatter right there. Anyway, she gave me an extra long session and I went home all floppy and relaxed.

Expecting this floppiness Husband was waiting for me with all things in place to keep me that way.  He was cooking dinner. He had run my bath. There were candles around the bath.  There was a huge glass of water in there for cleansing massage induced toxins from my body. There was champagne in there to keep the relaxation flowing.  There was a magazine waiting for me.  There were chicken nibbles on a plate as pre-dinner appetiser.  Good husband.

So yes, sometimes my husband drives me mental. Other times he keeps me sane.

PS I woke up this morning from a solid night's sleep.  Brain chatter was kept to a minimum.  Waiting for me was an email from Mr Publisher.  My personal assistant was in at work on a New York Sunday specifically to get my book finalised.  YAY!!! Turns out they are literally working overtime. No, it will not be ready for Easter.  Revised date is Mothers' Day. That's only a few weeks away!! There is movement, there is progress, there is action.  Mother's Day sounds like a great launch date ....


  1. Woot! Publishing date ecstasy!

    And as for hubby, you know the saying: can't live with 'em, can't shoot 'em...

  2. The brain chatter. It's like a 7th sense. You need to tune into it. I have no idea how.

    I love the fact that D knows to keep you floppy and relaxed!



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