Saturday, April 23, 2011

Day 564

Remember the days when all you had to do was pack a medium sized suitcase, grab your handbag and run?  Yeah. I remember those days. Everything was so neat and tidy and ordered and simple.

I am in the process of packing for the family to go away for ten days.  There is a whole lot more than one suitcase and a handbag.  The biggest challenge is keeping the husband from packing the kitchen sink. I may be fighting a losing battle.

We are driving to the Gold Coast, stopping off a few places along the way. We have the trusty KIA Grand Carnival. We love that car.

I have restricted the trip to two large suitcases (one for the parents and one for the kids), a small Esky, a personal "on-board" luggage bag for each of the kids which will include snacks, a bag of DVDs, two laptops and an extra soft-sided duffel for the outlet shopping we'll probably do. Then we can stuff beach towels and a beach bag in there somewhere. That is my hope.  These are the rules as set by me ...

But as I type this husband is carrying huge boxes towards the car.  There appear to be boxes of beer, champagne, bourbon and water (can't we buy that up there?).  There may be comics as well. What the hell else has he got over his shoulder? Some sort of blow up device. And is that a weed whacker? What is that? And why on Earth is he taking the stapler ...

Hells bells. I've got to go.  Intervention is needed (please ignore the raised voices that you can hear all the way over in WA).

We're on the road today. First stop Mum and Dad's farm where the Easter Bunny will arrive tomorrow and then all of us (yep, the folks too) are heading north.  I'll keep you posted ...


  1. Happy travels modern day Griswald family, lol. =D

  2. Griswalds is exactly who we are. You should see us pile out of hotels at the other end with all our freaking stuff ...

  3. Hey you never know when you might need a stapler and not be within cooee of a newsagency.....

  4. Ooh - hope you managed the purge befoe he hid it all in the back of the car, lol. Wineries up here you know...

  5. Hahaha. This was fun. Happy journey.

  6. Ooh sounds liKe an adventure, as long as everyone fits in the car and you can still reach the brake, your set. Bon voyage !

  7. Sounds like our trips to OCMD and to your coast at Christmas times to be had by all (minus the spider of course)..Safe a cheers to everyone from me!...

  8. Wineries? You've got everything!
    Thanks Ratz :)
    LOL Suzi. Nothing stored behind the break thank goodness.
    Bodnars: very much like our Christmas trip to the coast my friend. When we arrived at Mum and Dad's they both said (separately) is there any room for us? LOL. I did a silent "I told you so ..."


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