Sunday, April 24, 2011

Day 565

Happy Easter!

The bunny has been.  Which is a relief cause I was worried he might get all caught up with the rabbits out there in the paddocks and start doing what rabbits are world famous for and forget the job at hand.  Oh, and given the dogs had bunny for breakfast the other week I was also concerned he might get eaten.  Anyway, I'm not sure how he got here or what adventures he had along the way but he's been. He brought chocolate. I think it might be fat free, zit free, migraine free chocolate too which is a bonus. So many endorphins to activate ... so little time ...

Anyway, I can't hang around chatting about the pros and cons of chocolate. It's time for us to squeeze back into the car and try and stuff Mum and Dad in with us. 

We're on the road again!

Hippy, Hoppy, Happy Eastervous y'all!


  1. Happy Easter lovely girl. Our Easter Bunny has not been yet. His assistants were too busy doing what rabbits do....


  2. One week, one week, one week before we meet.

    Sing it with me girls:

    One week, one week, one week before we meet.


    Happy Easter!

  3. Happy Easter Leanne and family and your Mum and Dad! Happy Kia travels.

  4. Lucy Loo - Go you!! And cheeky too ... (LOL)
    MM: one week, one week, one week before we meet
    woot woot!
    Boomerang jane: We've arrived at our first stop safe and sound and without incident :)


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