Monday, April 25, 2011

Day 566

I love driving. I like being the driver and I equally love being driven.  The whole travelling thing is a good feeling for me.  When I go on holidays I honestly believe the destination is only half the fun.  The other half is the journey. The journey is a big wonderful fun loving adventure.

Yesterday we traveled for eight hours.  I sat in the back with the kids and Nanny. Husband and Pop were pilot and co-pilot.  The on board entertainment was decent with a few movies to choose from and a healthy lunch menu. Chocolate was abundant.  The reading material was pretty decent too. The view and the countryside was perfectly Australian. The on-board baggage situation was a little squishy but for the most part it would definitely be considered premium economy, rather than full on cattle class.  I was comfortable.  It was fun.

Tahlia is a good travel kid. She never asks "are we there yet" nor does she complain. She just accepts and makes best use of the time she has to just sit.  Her preferred entertainment is movies.

Darby is not quite so patient. He got through about four hours and then the journey became quite unbearable for him.  Not even a stop for lunch in a park with a game of horse shoes could combat his cabin fever.  He is the king of "are we there yet" and huge sighs and lots of "I'm boreds".  His preferred entertainment is kicking a footy, riding a bike and rumbles with Max, so DS, movies and hangman just didn't cut it.

Now me, I love the sitting. There is no escape.  I have no choice. It is my time to think, and daydream and think, and read, and think, and ponder, and think, and reflect, and think, and think.

I think perhaps it is because I am an only child. I spent a lot of time having to entertain myself.  Thinking and daydreaming and reading and reflecting was all par for the course. Yesterday I got to think and daydream and read and reflect.  And in the middle of it all I pondered my next project.

I am currently reading Richard Branson's autobiography "Losing My Virginity" and it is inspiring me to achieve great things.  (Despite the title those things are not bedroom related.) Last year I went to a success conference which featured Richard Branson as a key speaker. I had to leave before he came on stage but just the thought of him being in Sydney prompted me to send him a business proposal. It wasn't my best work because he was leaving in a day and I had to get it to him quickly. But I've been thinking of it ever since and after reading his autobiography I know he will be open to my proposal. I know it and I am pondering it.  I am inspired. Who do I think I am? Who am I to write to Richard Branson with a business proposal? Who am I not to.  Aim for the moon baby, aim for the moon ... and at the very least you'll end up amongst the stars.

Yesterday I got to think and daydream and read and reflect and ponder.  And I loved every 28800 seconds of it.

Darby ... not so much ...

Hey. we are in Tamworth right now and can I just say this town is absolutely beautiful.  It is green, and leafy, and well manicured.  The main street is perfect.

We are on our way to the local ANZAC celebrations.  Happy ANZAC (remembrance) day everyone. I hope you too get to think and daydream and read and reflect and ponder ... Lest we forget.


  1. Okay, this is starting to get scary. I too love to drive and think, in fact (just so ya know I'm not trying to copy)I posted this: back in 2009!

    And I have just passed the Richard Branson book onto Boy 2 for his Japanese biography...

  2. I'm with Darby 8 hrs is a heck of a road trip! When you get to your holiday spot it will be well worth it, sounds like a great easter getaway enjoy :)

  3. At least we know we're gonna be somewhat compatible MM! LOL
    Michelle - the good news for Darby is that the next part of the journey (today) was only 4 hours .... and tomorrow should only be around 2-3. Each day the driving time gets shorter and shorter :) And then SPLAT!!!!

  4. WOW. This sounds amazing. I think when we come out of the environment which surrounds us, we open ourselves to newer and brighter possibilities. we start to look at things in a better way like you are doing right now. And you are absolutely right Leanne- aim for the moon. Even if we don't land on the moon, we will still be in space and there are infinite chances there as well. So all the best.

  5. yeah, I think you're right Ratz. When he get out of our comfort zones a world of opportunity awaits.


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