Saturday, April 30, 2011

Day 571

You look beautiful ...

Ok, I am soooo not a royalist.  But I’m not anti-royal either. It is what it is and I’m neither for nor against. But come on, Wills and Kate are kinda cool.  I mean, I wouldn’t normally plan my day around watching a royal wedding, nor even a celebrity wedding, but come on, it is a wedding, and who could begrudge Dianna’s little boy a bit of viewing time?  I totally got caught up in the hype of it all.

I really liked Dianna.  I really felt for her. In the words of Notting Hill she was “just a girl looking for a boy to love her”. And Charles was not that boy.  

As a mother I can now see how much she adored her boys. William and Harry are beautiful men carrying so much of their mother’s spirit and it only seems fitting that Wills marries a girl that is as simple and “common” as his Mum. I guess if the truth be known Kate is (apparently) more “common” than Dianna and clearly she has pushed hard to be allowed to remain “simple”.  But despite the protocol and the definition of commoner, their spirit seems very similar. Kate just has more courage to stay real. Or perhaps Wills has encouraged it. Whatever - it seems that Kate is all that Dianna had hoped to be.

So anyway, we all sat down in our rented Gold Coast apartment as it bucketed down with rain outside and watched the nuptials. The men didn’t want to have a bar of it but the footy was delayed because of the wedding so they had no choice (she says grinning with glee). We didn't see all the befores and all the afters, but at least we got to see the ceremony. I think Dad and Husband secretly loved every second of it. And when Dame Edna came on for Channel 9 and got involved in the commentary it definitely gave us something to laugh at. We also had a good chuckle at some of the satellite dishes the women were wearing for hats.  I wondered what hat I would have worn had I been invited to attend (which of course is highly likely given my obvious celebrity status) and Mum and I both decided it would be something like Posh wore.  We think her understated approach matched the simplicity of the wedding very well.   (Although I think I would have stuck the hat on my head rather than my forehead ... but what would I know? She looks lovely ...)
The Royal wedding last night between William Arthur Philip Louis (did I get that right?) and Catherine Elizabeth was a bit of a fairy tale. Whether you are a royal or not, the wedding was about a boy and a girl who just wanted someone to love them. The wedding party, the dresses, and the flowers were simple. If it wasn’t for all the people watching it could have been anyone’s wedding. The ceremony itself was all quite normal and even a bit common (hat hair and all).  I quite enjoyed it!

When it all boils down to it, it was a story about two kids in love and declaring it in front of their nearest and dearest. I feel a bit honoured to have been part of that …

Did you watch it?
What did you think?
Why didn’t Wills get a wedding ring? I am a bit bothered by that …
And how much did we love Pippa’s dress?!
Oh, and LOVE the tiara …
All so beautiful …


  1. It was lovely... But I only googled pics and listened to blurbs. :) It's not controversial here b/c there is none of our money directly involved. So...happy indulgence if and when we wish.

  2. I am bad. I didn't watch. I cannot bear all the hype. But I shall catch up with it all when all the hullaballoo dies down...xx

  3. I watched. *Sigh*. I want to look like Pippa Middleton. Think a 47 year old fat blonde/grey mother with beefeater thighs could pull it off?

    Maybe not...

  4. Sorry I did not, I only just now after the hours have passed even looked at a pic or two. I have been paying attention to a diffrent throne today.

  5. I watched! And LOVED it. I wish them every happiness in the world, and I think theirs really is a fairy-tale come true. Can't see William behaving like his father did, somehow.

  6. I agree with everything you said about Diana. I shed a tear when her boys walked into the church and she wasn't sitting there to see them. Kate was perfect, it was all perfect. I LOVED IT!!!

  7. i couldn't take my eyes of pippa's dress. she looked gorgeous. oh, and the bride looked lovely too!

  8. Yes, I watched it...I woke up at 540am, to catch the family arriving to the church and than finally the very lovely bride. The ceremony was so fairy-talesh...things little girls dream about....the music was amazing..the hats were huge!...It was history...I remember watching Charles and Diana as a little girl.(I was about 10yrs old)..and now here I am, almost..umm...well, I'm older...but it was history in the making...loved it...

  9. Thanks for sharing the wedding with me ladies. I'm glad I'm not the only closet royal. I think there is a little bit princess fairy tales in all of us ...


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