Sunday, May 1, 2011

Day 572

Today I am driving into them there hills.  Those ones ... over there.

Today I am driving into them there hills to meet up with someone I met online.

I am breaking all the rules of on-line dating.  I haven't yet spoken to this person by phone.  I haven't even checked the phone numbers to make sure they are real.  I am meeting this person at their home rather than in a public place.  I'm going alone.  This person has already confessed to being mad.  This person is in a gang.  This person lives with three men in the house in which I am about to visit.  I am wandering off on my own to visit a mad gang member in a house full of men and I have yet to hear a voice.  All our contact to date has been on line.  Will I be the next body in a barrel?

Of course not!!  I'm off to meet the very lovely,  welcoming, super human, random, feisty, loving, ridiculously good looking, roller derbying Mad Mother.  And I'm not at all concerned about breaking all the rules of on-line dating.  Because we already know each other.  We're fellow blog dogs.  Besides ..... we come with references, credentials and recommendations.

Today I am taking the car and leaving my family (they will  hang around a pool filled with sunshine - thank you Sun Gods) and I am driving up into them there hills to meet Mad Mother.

I can't wait!


I'd better do a PS.

Here it is ... 

The Disclaimer: 
I have "references" and recommendations  from fellow bloggers that this woman is worth meeting, and she has a recommendation from a fellow blogger than I am also safe.  For everyone else out there in the on-line world be sure you follow the guidelines.  (I don't want to be responsible for more bodies in barrels).


  1. enjoy enjoy enjoy :O)

  2. Wine barrels, I hope!

    We dang fine hillbillies don' bother with barrels to be honest. we use them there deep ole lime pits in the forest. Bahahahahahahahaha.

    Oh, crap, look at the time, better frantically clean after Big Boy's poker night. Looks like a debauched brothel with bad sanitary habits here.

    Awww hell - I forgot, it always looks like that...

  3. Caz: Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy is exactly what we did. Thanks for your wishes.
    MM: The fact that your address didn't actually exist on the Tom Tom, and then the fact that I started driving into a thick forest, combined with the above post, should have been a big hint to run for the hills ... but then I realised I was already in the hills and figured I might as well go with it ... particularly given the barrels would end up being wine ones ...


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