Monday, May 2, 2011

Day 573

It's dawn and the sun is making it's way into the sky across the east coast of Australia. I am sitting here watching the beach light up as the waves calmly roll towards the white sandy beach.  The sky is a clear greyish yellow colour as it tries to light up, with a few fluffy clouds dotted on the horizon.  After a bit of a disappointing and very wet start to the Gold Coast vacation the sun fully presented itself two days ago and on our last day of holidays it seems we will have another beautiful day.

Yesterday was a good day.  I wasn't murdered and stuffed into barrel.  Nor did I get lost or attacked by a hill billy gang. The sun shone for most of the day and everyone I came across had a smile on their dial. Yesterday from start to finish was a really great day.

Yesterday of course was the day I went to meet one of my bloggy pals, Mad Mother.  I took the car and headed off into the mountains for a very scenic drive and landed on the forest doorstep of someone I'd only ever known in her blog state.  From the moment she opened her front door we did not stop talking. (Well, that was after we stopped hugging first.)  We talked so much that every time we'd start on a subject or tried to share a point of interest we'd get completely side-tracked and run off course smack back into another topic.  Everything we talked about, every direction we took, every philosophy we shared, was on par.  I got to meet her husband and her boys and I got to tour every inch of her home.  I got to see her views, touch her furniture, hear her bird life, taste her water, smell her garden. I had jumped out of the blogosphere into a real life Mad Mother encounter and it was fabulous! She is beautiful inside and out, she's incredibly smart, she's got a big heart and she's an amazing mother and a loyal wife.  She's real.  Mad Mother is real.

Deep Fried Fruit and Mad Mother
But alas after three hours we had to zip our lips and say goodbye.  There were more hugs and a promise that we would meet up again soon (it's mandatory ... I owe her lunch) before I headed back down the mountain to the sun, surf and sand of Kirra.  It was time for me to get off my ride on the reality  blogatron and head back to my family where I spent the afternoon laying about in my bikini reading a book as the kids played in the water.  (Yes, I said bikini.  I was brave and hauled it out of my drawer determined to let my tummy see the sun for just an hour or so. As long as I stay lying stretched out flat all the bits and bobs, wibbles and wobbles tend to stay in the one spot. Sometimes my  boobs disappear under my arm pits, but I manage to retrieve them without too many problems. Usually.) After my foray into bikini-babe-dom we headed to a nearby surf club where we tapped our feet to a live band (playing the BEST 80s rock music EVER) and ate fabulously filling meals before heading home for a movie and bed.

Yesterday was a good day.  It was a sun shiny day filled with friends, family and fun. And loads of smiley faces.

As I look out at the horizon which is now blue and sparkling, and watch the early morning surfers paddle out past the waves, I plan today in my head.  I intend to enjoy every micro-second of our last day on the Gold Coast.  I want to savour every detail.  Just like yesterday, today is going to be a great day.


  1. So glad you are having such a great time up here. Don't you just love the mountain? Enjoy your last day!!

  2. It was FABULOUS! But I do think we tried to fit our forty years of lost conversations into the three hours, lol. Did we actually finish one topic before meandering off to another?

    The hard thing about meeting blog friends is realising how far apart we live, and that the physical catch ups are going to be few and far between. Especially when you really click with someone.

    I had a great time too DFF, and guess what? Am talking to Boy 1 about that superhero book!

  3. This is such a wonderful post. I enjoyed it through its core. I enjoyed imagining the scene that you have set for us Leanne. lovely.

  4. Ahh... bliss.
    How exciting that you met up with Madmother!
    Enjoy your journey home.

  5. Cjtato: The mountain is lovely and the view from the mountain is AMAZING. Certainly puts things in perspective.
    MM: I am really serious re superhero book. And it occurred to me that I have contacts in USA within an organisation that MAY actually be interested to promote it
    Ratz: I am glad I could share a little bit of sunshine with you :)
    Suzi: On our way home today (sigh). Might do a bit of beach hopping as we head south down the coast road ...

  6. I'm so very envious. I'm glad you had a great time but that was to be expected.

    I'm sure you wore your bikini well.

  7. Here's the other story he wrote that I was telling you about:


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