Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Day 574


Bum, bum, bum, bum, bum .... poo, wee ...

Life has been so simple this past week that my swearing has reverted back to Kid-nom.  Even time has been converted to those extra long kid hours making the week feel more like two.  With a lack of responsibility we've definitely found a little piece of our inner child over the last seven days.  But it's time to be grown-ups again now. We're packing up.  As the sky turns that lovely early morning sparkling greyish yellow over the Pacific Ocean right outside my window, we're packing up. Bum!

It's time to head back to the reality that is Canberraville.  It's not a bad reality, it's normally very good. But after nothing but sun, surf, sand, family and friends, it kinda sucks to be heading home.

As I sat on the balcony yesterday afternoon and looked out at the view I started to have a panic attack. My chest got tight, my breaths got shorter, there was a prickle behind my eye.  I don't want to leave.  But then I realised that if I don't leave I'll have nothing to come back to. Holidays are important. So is reality. So I did the only thing I could do to calm my anxiety and I wrote to-do lists.  Immediately my perspective was back and the excitement of going home returned. So many goals, so much to achieve, so many new experiences up my sleeve.

So here I am at dawn watching a paddle boarder cruise blissfully along out there at the back of the waves and I say thank you Gold Coast. Thank you sunshine.  Thank you ocean.  Thank you beach. Thank you pool.   Thank you family. Thank you friends.  It's been lovely. But we've got to go ... our home awaits.

But first lets drive leisurely down the coast road and do a bit of beach crawling as we go.  Surely we can fit one more day of sun, surf and sand in? 


  1. You are inspirational! I love your perspective in life! :). I must confess to having the same type of panic attack on the way to the airport when we were there but Hubby said to me, if we lived here it wouldn't be Thr same. We'd have to work and do housework etc...so I made peace with going home and knowing that we will enjoy planning our next trip back there even more :). Have a lovely beachy day Leanne and a safe drive home xo

  2. I tink you guys should co-ordinate your next Gold Coast trips! Can you imagine the chaos we could cause?

  3. Jen - As I sit here at my computer in cold ol' Canberraville (complete with irritable sinus) I have to admit to an anxious pull in my chest. I don't do well in winter. It takes a bloody lot of work to keep my head above the clouds ... sigh. It was a great holiday though. And you know what? There is nothing to stop me/us from having a quick Virgin flight to the Goldie for a night or two in the middle of winter. Well, except money. Bloody money ...
    MM - Totally!! That would be cool ....


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