Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Day 575

I have had a crap night's sleep.  It was one of those nights I was waking up almost every hour.  I woke at 10.40, 11.40, 1.40, 3.40, 4.40.  What is it with 40? I now feel as though I have a hangover ... headache, stiff, irritable. 

We'll be driving for 10 hours today so we all went to bed quite early last night.  We're hoping to make it home by dark. So I had one of those internal alarms bleeping inside my head all night ... you know the ones ... like when you're heading overseas and have an early morning flight that you can't afford to miss ... or when you have the job interview of a lifetime at 9.00am ... or when the new iPhone goes on sale and you need to line up at 5.00am to get the bloody thing the moment it's "born" (although that would not be me) ... or when you're expected to your first ever boot camp session at 6.00am (that was me) ... that internal alarm that keeps one eye shut and the other one staring at the clock every hour.  Kind of like a dolphin's semi-conscious state of needing to sleep but still surface to breathe. 

So anyway, I've had a crap night's sleep and am up before the sparrows as a result. I'm gonna have to volunteer for the first driving leg as I'll be cactus by lunch time. Might as well get this show on the road.  Shall I wake up the rest of the household?  I think so.  5.30am ain't all that unreasonable ...

See ya back in Canberraville! 


  1. Same, same, Leanne.

    I am now fully dressed with a rather thick dusting of powder on my face to make me look 'radiantly awake'.... and my hot cup of tea. I think the tea was more helpful to be honest. I need more though, off to the work coffee cart.

    Hope you have a good day - at least we will both sleep well tonight!

    SSG xxx

    Sydney Shop Girl blog

  2. Well, I slept last night so can't complain. BUT yesterday after zero sleep with the sick one the night before I wore BRIGHT red. Yep, looked like a stop light. Figured if I fell asleep crossing the road, at least I'd be visible!

  3. Thanks everyone. We are home safe and sound.
    SSG - Thanks for the awesome book review! That's my next book.
    MM - LOL. Good thinking ...
    E - I finished the book. It was great! I cried in parts .... could totally relate ... Will contact you in a week or so to organise our next catch up :)


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