Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Day 581

I am seriously frustrated. I am really, really frustrated.

First of all I wrote an email to my publisher last night. I wrote it to both my personal assistant and to Mr Publisher himself. I suggested to them that I was feeling a bit worried that something might be seriously wrong with the whole process. I mean, a month ago they came to me and said we wouldn’t make the Easter launch date because there was a complication with fitting the text on the shaded space we’d provided in the illustrations. They said they were trying to make it work without having to reduce the font size. Excellent. Thanks for letting me know. But they also then said they would be aiming for a Mothers’ Day release instead. Where the hell is my book? Mothers’ Day has been and gone. I have sent two emails in three weeks to my PA and no reply. Not good enough guys. So anyway, I sent an email last night asking why. My email pretty much said “hey guys, five months ago you sent me my first set of mock-ups and nothing has been seen since, what’s the freakin’ story?” No reply. It’s just not good enough. So I rang them this morning and got the receptionist. Mr Publisher and Mr PA over there in NYC are not in. I am very frustrated.

Secondly, I am sitting here typing this up in Word because I can’t post on my blog today. Every time I go into a new post I am getting this little spinning wheel thing like it is thinking or something and I can’t post. Husband and I have tried everything to no avail. I notice that other people are still blogging, why not me? Is this a conspiracy? I can’t blog on any blog right now, including my cheer blog. Why? I have a team of cheerleaders waiting to see videos of last night’s rehearsal and I can’t bloody well get it done due to frustrating spinning wheel. So I am writing this post in Word with the hope that Professor Googs will fix it by end of business today so I can actually bloody post this post about being frustrated. Yes, I am frustrated.

Thirdly (yes there’s more), I was invited to the big Kidspot Top 50 Bloggers cocktail party in Sydney last night and while I would have loved to have been there it was just a little out of the realm this week. Besides the fact that it is a three hour drive each way (which wouldn’t normally bother me) our credit card is maxed out from our Queensland trip so I wouldn’t have been able to stay overnight, meaning I would have had to drive home in the middle of the night, meaning no cocktails for me. But that’s ok, that’s a decision I made and besides, how could I bail on my cheerleaders last night anyway? It was my decision. But yes, I am frustrated.

And finally I am frustrated just because I just am. I am just so freakin’ frustrated and irritable and … and … and … just so frustrated! Which in itself is frustrating …

You know, I normally ditch the word frustrated from my vocabulary and replace it with fascinated instead. It usually works.

This publishing journey is just so fascinating!

Computer technology and a crashing blogoshphere with silly spinning wheel is very fascinating!

It’s quite fascinating how choosing not to attend the Kidspot cocktail party has made me feel a tad inferior, sad and a little left out.

Nope. None of this is freakin’ fascinating.

I am seriously frustrated. I am really, really frustrated. And I don’t’ like feeling frustrated because it’ just so frustrating ….

And I start to feel dizzy, and weak, and feel like I am going to crash …

PS I voiced my blogger "frustration" over at Sarah's joint Ah The Possibilities and not only did the beautiful Sarah herself help me fix the problem but one of her followers, St John's Wood, also emailed me directly with the answer. You ladies are the best! One frustration down, two to go ....


  1. Okay - can you tell me how to fix the problem? Cause I can't edit or post either...

  2. Yes. Lovely Sarah and lovely Georgie told me it is an edit issue. So go into your blog/post and click on settings tab, then scroll right down to the bottom and choose "old editor" and then save all that and then go in and do your post. Apparently the new editor is having a coniption today. During the day or tomorrow you can go back choose the new editor again and save as your setting, but for today the old editor is it. Yay for Sarah and Georgie!!

  3. Glad to hear at least one problem is fixed! I STILL can't post because of that damn spinning wheel! Grrrrrr!

  4. Geez, you have every right to be frustrated! It must be maddening. I know you've been waiting for this for a long time.

    LOVE this line:
    This publishing journey is just so fascinating!
    Made me giggle.

  5. I had that problem yesterday, almost threw the computer out the window, it's all fine again today though, Thank God!!
    Sorry you are having such a facinating week, hope that publisher gets his butt into gear soon!

  6. That does sound rather frustrating. I'd probably find myself throwing things and yelling curse words.

    Hope your other frustrations work themselves out quickly.

  7. I heard a man commenting on my geeky talk public radio (sorta like BBC) and he said the only way he got something done with the banks (he needed to work out a foreclosure on his home) was to:

    1. Call every single Monday, Wednesday, Friday at the same time
    2. Take down names, times, and action promised.
    3. Progressively move up the ladder after starting with the same person.
    4. Ask each person for their personal extension before moving up.

    I hope that you have a much much better today!

  8. I didn't know you were having such a wrestling match with publishers. Must be so frustrating. But it is a very tough industry so huge congrats for being part of it all. x

  9. Thank you all for your sympathetic ears. Sorry to hear some of you having the same frustrations! Mine is all fixed now. Even Mr Publisher. Even though he hasn't gotten back to me I decided to be fascinated instead just to get me through the day. I'll go back to being frustrated with him again tomorrow morning if he hasn't responded. The bottom line is he is still within his contractual obligations so I shouldn't be panicking ... I just wish he'd get a move on! Action, action, action!!! And JBS - I will take some of that on board. Starting with the daily phone calls. Thanks for passing it on!!

  10. Next time we can share a room. I opted for the cheapest of the cheap room alternatives because I too had maxed out my credit card. Let's just say I was pleasantly surprised I wasn't murdered in the middle of the night. I'm so grateful I was introduced to your blog. It's going to be great getting to know you :-)

  11. Romina, I am totally going to take you up on that offer on the promise there will be no middle of the night murders. And there will be a next time! Pleased to meet you. Will now stalk you religiously via the blogosphere ...


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