Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Day 582

"Oh Blog God, give us the grace to blog with serenity
about the things that cannot be changed, the courage
to blog the things which could be changed, and the wisdom, time and blojo to keep on going."

Hi. My name's Leanne and I'm a blogaholic.

I blog every day.

I blog as soon as I wake up.

I have blogged every day for 582 days straight.

It wasn't always an addiction. I started out slow. I simply tried a little bit here and a little bit there. I just sampled the goods and was able to put it out of mind and out of sight for weeks at a time. That was my first blog. But then I discovered the wonders of the blogosphere and the networking and the gadgets and the friendships and the thrill of writing every day. I started getting this buzz thing happening and I couldn't stop.

I tried to stop. Once. Truly I did. On Day 365 I made a decision to quit. I had fulfilled my goal of blogging for a year. It was done. Time to try something else. But I couldn't let go. I got the DTs, started breathing weird, started frowning a lot, got lost in thought, went kinda withdrawn. It was all too much. I couldn't let go. How could I stop? Blogging had become part of me. It was my friend. So I logged on and kept on writing ...

There is no blogaholics anonymous. Or is there? I'm not sure the addiction is recognised yet. Or is it? All I know is that yesterday when I got the little spinning wheel thing happening I couldn't cope! I felt sick. I got sweaty. I almost fainted. (That could also have been due to my frustration over Mr Publisher and the associated anxieties.) Without my blog hit first thing in the morning who am I? So I wrote anyway. I opened up a Word document and I wrote, and meanwhile I hunted the side streets and back alleys of the blogosphere for someone to help me find my next hit. Luckily I scored within a couple of hours.

My family get worried. From time to time they raise their concerns. Like any addiction you can get quite self absorbed. The worst thing is that addictive behaviours can be passed on to other generations. My Tahlia has started blogging. But unlike me, hers is controlled. She doesn't need it every day. And hers is closed to the world. Her blogging is just at sampling phase with restrictions.

Not me. I have no restrictions. I'm taking the good stuff. The highest quality. I'm open to the world and I'm loving every minute of it. I can't stop now ... I don't want to stop ... besides, I have this Top 50 Bloggers Award thing I am competing for! I can't quit now ....

Can you have good addictions? It's free, it's fun, it's socially acceptable and it allows the creative juices to flow. Surely that's not a bad thing?

My name's Leanne and I'm a blogaholic. And that my dear friends is not a bad thing.

Wooo hooo!!!

Who's with me?

Is blogging addictive?  

Am I actually addicted?

Or is it the need to write that fuels the blogaholism?

Can an addiction be a good thing?

Are you addicted?

Or am I the only one?

If you like what you read feel free to vote for me over at my Kidspot Top 50 Bloggers page.


  1. You are not alone.

    Just sayin'...

    PSsst Thanks for the message! ;-)

  2. Hi Leanne, my name is Suzi and I too am a blogaholic. I thought I had this addiction beat, I even cut down to just reading blogs for a whole year, but then alas that fateful day I opened up blogger and created a new blog. BANG straight back to blog addiction land - it's like eating that chocolate bar when you are doing so well at a diet. I think its tempting to start some sort of blogaholics anonymous, however I have a feeling it may also be addictive... It's the reality escape that does it, same as drugs & alcohol. In the mean time, I kinda like this little addiction, so let's blog again, just one more... Just one more...

  3. Not only am I with you, I voted for you. I'm addicted, but I have to have restrictions because my kids are still so itty bitty.

  4. You know I am. I am also a blog addict enabler. I just did the voting thingo for you too. xx

  5. I am so pleased to hear I am not the only aholic amongst us! And enablers too .... yes well .... that too!! Thanks for the votes beautiful people ...

  6. we need a support group. totally.

  7. Totally Toushka ... I absolutely agree. Shall we start one? But then I fear we might get addicted to the support group ... which will mean we will need another support group ... and ...

  8. LOL. Hello beautiful! Thank you monkey magic girl ...

  9. I used to be addicted to blogging...then I set up a gazillion blogs...and then I became less addicted and then deleted alot of them. Only to set up jemikaan and become addicted again. Lately life has been getting in the way of my addiction and it is not having nice side effects this not blogging! So I have a plan...a bloggy plan and will hopefully be fuelling my addiction more often from now on :) . SQUEE! Oh and I have totally voted for you chickie-dee! xo


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