Thursday, May 12, 2011

Day 583

Do you like to drive? Have you got drive?  Are you driven?  What is drive?  Is it important?

Apparently I've got drive. Or so people tell me.  I know that I love to drive. I also know that some people drive me mental.   Yep, and this whole publishing caper is driving me to drink.  But do I have drive?

I once did a course in how to interview well for television and I had to write down three words that others would use to describe me. I had no idea so I asked Husband.  He said "driven, committed, loyal". So yeah, apparently I've got drive.  So maybe I'm not a blogoholic at all but rather just very driven, committed and loyal when it comes to fulfilling my promise of blogging every day.  Perhaps ...

Anyway, apparently I've got drive.  And yes, I love to drive.  I have absolutely no problems getting behind the wheel and heading off into the sunset. I'll easily drive to Sydney and back in a day.  I'll even drive to Melbourne and back in a weekend. Hell, we just got back from driving to Queensland and back for our most recent holiday, and last year we took a drive to Adelaide to check out their drive in.  I like to drive. In fact when it comes to travel, I've got a whole lot of drive. I am driving today actually!

Usually when I drive on these adventures it is a family expedition.  Sometimes it's even an extended family expedition as we utilise every one of our 8 seats.  Today is different.  Today it's a chick trip. Today it's just me and my gal pal heading off for some 40th birthday celebrations in rural NSW, reminiscent of when we did it all those years ago for the string of 21st birthday parties across the state.  Today my drive is taking me out of the family fold and back into singleton.  It's gonna be a chickathon ... I can't wait!

Look out fellow drivers, here we come! Tis going to be a road trip in high heels. I'll keep you posted.  

PS: It better not be snowing where we're going as it sure as hell is snowing all around Canberraville.  We're not getting the beauty of the fallen snow, but we're getting the associated freeze! Holy crap ..... it's still autumn!! What's going on?  

PPS: Do you know how much is involved in a Mummy leaving the nest for a couple of days? Of course you do.  You've probably been there, done that.  I have just packed for soccer training, school disco, sleep over. I have school uniforms ready for tomorrow and instructions on lunch order process.  I have done home learning plan for tonight and reminded them of a need to shower and clean teeth (and that's just my husband!). Lucky I've got drive ... mind you ... I don't have snow chains?! Am I going to need snow chains? 

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  1. WOW. You sure got drive. This sounds so exciting- the chicakthon. Details please!


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