Friday, May 13, 2011

Day 584

Are we there yet?

Picture two girls in an open top sports car, enormous sunglasses, big smiles, red lips, arms waving, hair flowing and scarves flapping in the wind.  Keep that picture in your mind. That’s the picture in my head.  For me that would be the ultimate road trip in high heels …

We established yesterday that I have drive and we also established that I like to drive.  I’ve done a lot of driving over the years and had some wonderful adventures.  I’ve seen some fantastic scenery and covered a lot of ground.  I’ve driven across the USA and I’ve done the bottom right hand corner of Australia. Going off into the wide wild blue yonder is as much about the journey as it is the destination, don’t you think?

So here I am in the middle of my chick trip.  This is not a trip with kids and husband, but a trip with my gal pal as we motor through NSW in all the glory of singleton, reminiscent of our uni years.  This is not a boy trip with farting, belching and beer, but a giggly girl adventure with champagne, laughter and stilettos.  It’s a road trip in high heels. 

The purpose of the trip is to spoil and pamper a fellow gal pal as she turns the big 4 0.  That’s the intended outcome. The methodology and project plan is all about the trip itself.  Two girls leaving family, jobs and any semblance of responsibility behind and driving off into the sunset Thelma and Louise style (which may or may not include a Brad Pitt look-alike and may or may not involve a cliff).

Many many (MANY) years ago we did this for the round of 21st birthday parties around the State.  Because we all lived on Uni residences it meant that we all came from afar.  So in our final year of uni it was time to rejoice in the coming of age which had us driving from Sydney to the coast, from Orange to Warren, from Goulburn to Albury to Henty and Trunky Creek (brag bag – Hugh Jackman was at the 21st party in Trunky Creek which is my only claim to fame … it was long before he was famous and I hardly noticed him … he was playing a guitar … that’s all I remember … I don’t think I kissed him … or did I?).  Those were the days only a couple of people had access to cars so we’d pile everyone in, scrounge around for coins and $5 notes to pay for petrol, eat potato chips for breakfast, lunch and dinner, play mixed tapes, and do the occasional pub crawl as we hooned through the country side without a care in the world heading for a feast that awaited us as some lucky kid was being thrown the ultimate birthday bash.   

I was kinda thinking that this chick trip would be a bit like that.  But with a credit card for petrol, posh little cafes for the meals, a kick arse 80s mix on the iPod, and the promise of champagne on arrival.  I was kinda hoping it would be way different to the family excursions that have replaced the 21st birthday circuit which are full of luggage, toys, pillows, DVDs, scooters and food bags. Different to the family wagon mentality of “are we there yets”, “I’m hungry”, “I need to go to the toilet”, “I need to go NOW”, “I’m wetting my pants”, “I hate this song”, or “the battery is flat in my DS”.  Different to all that.  That’s what I was hoping for …

But I’m not sure it was actually any different. The ultimate chick trip started off with promise. The luggage was minimal – two overnight bags, two handbags and a lap top (come on … don’t give me grief about the laptop … I’ve still gotta blog). We both wore the big sunnies, scarves, flowing hair and red(ish) lips.  There were big smiles.  Laughter even! We had a nice clean shiny car and we weren’t afraid to use it. I suppose it wasn’t a sports car but if you opened all the windows in the family fun bus we could kinda get the whole topless sports car wind-in-the-hair effect happening.  The road trip on high heels was full of promise!

Within a minute we reverted to “how long is this going to take us”, which led into “I’m bloody starving”, to “where’s the first toilet break, my bladder ain’t what it used to be”, to “holy crap I’m busting”, to “I’m wetting my pants”, to “I hate this song”, to “my battery is flat in my phone …” And that was just me … before we even left the drive way.

Sigh. Is this what it was like all those years ago?  Did the 21st birthday chick trip circuit include family wagon mentality?  I have no idea.  My memory of then is very rose coloured. I recall a few flat tyres on the side of the road back then, and a few Brad Pitt types stopping to assist, as well as a few big ditch episodes that could count as cliffs.  In my mind it was all very Thelma and Louise.

The closest thing we got to Brad Pitt on this journey was the flannel wearing truck driver at our first toilet stop, and the closest thing we got to a cliff was driving through a very bumpy construction zone as I got lost in a road works area (that was before we’d even left Canberra). So it wasn’t quite the Thelma and Louise adventure I had pictured but it was a good drive.  It hasn’t necessarily been a road trip in high heels, but it’s definitely close. A road trip in ballet flats or clacky mules perhaps?

Tell me about your road trips.

Have you got a good chick trip adventure?

What about Brad Pitt?  Or Hugh Jackman? A cliff? 

Got any Thelma and Louise like experiences up your sleeve?


  1. PMSL - will have to think of which of mine to write about, lol.

  2. Yay! Please do MM. I really want to hear another chick trip story ...

  3. rofl Leanne! love that you have now adapted your kids impatience habits! ;) . I am not very good at driving long distances but love being a passenger on long car drives. It gives me down time to gaze out the window, take photos of the scenary and read and play on the DS or iPhone ;) . Love it. I'm also very glad that it wasn't true Thelma and Louise for you! especially the ending :O.

    I might try and schedule a driving post for next week if i can...I have a topic I meant to write about a year ago...hopefully i can remember the details that went with the photos :)

  4. Oh yes please Jen! I wanna hear a driving post. And photos!!! yay!!!! Ok ... you've inspired me. I took some video during our Chick Trip. Might throw it on You Tube and link up. I guess I should share the visual as well as the storyline.

  5. The best road trips were in my uni days when a bunch of us would pack into 3 or 4 cars and set off somewhere, usually in the hills. The best time was when we got snowed in on a mountain road and had to wait to be rescued by road patrol with chains for our tyres. Luckly there were about a dozen cars all together so it was never dangerous. Just very, very exciting...

  6. Dorothy, that sounds like fun! Can you imagine doing that with a car full of kids? OMG. It was so easy back then with no responsibility ...

  7. I had some great chick trips with my sister, though most of them were fairly short.It was one of the best days of my life when I got my licence and could finally drive us somewhere instead of being stuck at home (we lived out of town so getting to our friends' places was a challenge until then).
    I remember one chick trip with some friends (again not a long-ish one) from Canberra to the ski fields for a skiing weekend. We were petrified of running over a wombat - because of the damage it would do the little Hyundai as well as the unfortunate animal.
    I recently had a 10-week road trip from Cairns to Kalgoorlie, with my husband. A friend and her baby joined us for the first two weeks. It was absolutely fantastic and I was so sorry when it had to end.

  8. Oh man! That sounds like fun Emma. LOL re wombats.

  9. I drove from Perth to Adelaide to Canberra to Melbourne and back with my school concert band. I fell in luuuuurve on the way there and by the time we came back I was over him.

  10. That's quite a trip oh Glowy one ... I think I would fall out of love with everyone in the car/bus by the end ...


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