Sunday, May 15, 2011

Day 586

Do me a favour - grab a cuppa and check out my Thelma and Louise style chic trip adventure of Friday.  I really want to share it with you.  Plus, I want to hear about your chic trip adventures. How many of you had Brad Pitt or cliff driving diving experiences?

And then, if you're cuppa is still warm and you've got a bit of time up your sleeve come back and read about my Nanna.


It was my grandmothers 90th birthday yesterday.  We had a huge celebration befitting of the queen that she is. 

All grandparents are important but there is something special about the maternal grandmother.  There seems to be an extra special bond.

During school holidays my cousins and I would come from “the city” to hang out in Nimmitabel with Nanna and Pop.   There was no movie theatre, or skateboard park, or games arcade.  But there were wide open spaces, fresh mountain air and wholesome country cooking. 

My Nanna and Pop lived a simple old world existence.  Driving into Nimmitabel was like a journey back in time.  Up until I was about 18 Nanna’s phone was still one of those winding ones where you had to make all calls via the Nimmitabel switch board.  Right up until she sold the house last year she always had the slow combustion wood burning oven (which even heated her hot water until ten years ago).  The toilet was outside the back door and the laundry was a separate building altogether. 

We loved hanging out in Nimmity. There was no greater castle, real or imagined, than Nanna’s wood heap, nor any toast that tasted better than that cooked on a fork in front of the fireplace.  Silver side was a gourmet meal fit for a princess and Nanna’s apple pie was the sweetest dessert on the planet.  We had crazy experiences with snakes, and spiders and lizards and rabbits … and even some slightly aggressive head butting sheep.  We went for long walks, we rode the railway trike and we drank lots of tea.  We’d tour the cemetery, the old saw mill and we’d spend hours at the local park going on huge international adventures via the train engine and tractor that were cemented into place as the central playground feature. No matter how cold it was outside we’d be warm as that toast on a fork inside.  And when Nanna made us a winter’s campfire using kerosene as starter fuel we thought life couldn’t be any better. She lost her eyebrows that day and we learned that kerosene was dangerous.  It was fun.

Nimmitabel was fun. 

Nanna was fun. 

No wait, Nanna is fun.  She is still the life of the party.

When Nanna turned 80 we had no doubt she’d turn 90.  Now that she’s 90 we’re gunning for 100.  We’d love to see her score a century, and besides, I want to see a letter from the Queen. 

Happy birthday Nanna!!!


  1. Oh, I remember Nimmitabel well. It was cold outside and so very warm inside. And I think I had the best steak and mashed potatoes ever!!!! And do I remember sleeping in a small room w/heating blankets??? and a dog..I remember a dog...

  2. That's right! Electric blankets and a miniature wired haired Dashhund called Ziggy. Since then they had another dog called Bronson and then dear little Millie who died last year. Good memory my little Yanky friend :)

  3. Happy Birthday to your Nanna :) . She sounds like a wonderful lady and what a terrific place to have your holidays :) . I can still remember the taste of toast cooked on a fork from a couple of childhood holidays at my Nanna's sisters house n the country. So special :)

  4. thanks Jen! OMG ... how good is that toast!!! Nothing compares ...


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