Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Day 589

It's not always the problems that do your head  in, sometimes it's the not knowing.

I have had five weeks of no communication from my Publisher. And by no communication I mean no one answering my emails nor my phone calls. Now, with them on the other side of the planet, that makes things a tad frustrating fascinating frustrating because I can't just jump in my car, drive over and knock on their door.

I've been dancing a nervous jig over here. I've gotta tell you that. I have been at my wits end. I've been the proverbial bear with the sore head.  I've been antsy and irritable and sleepless and to be perfectly honest there's been a bit of Leanderthol going on.  Yep, Leanne's ugly alter ego has been visiting from time to time.

So, this is where things are at.

Firstly my book was due to be out by Christmas.  BRMP.  That didn't happen.

Then it was due to be out by Easter. BRMP again.  A week before that date I wrote to them saying "where is book?" and they came back saying "book is having problem".  I was given a revised date of Mothers' Day.

Mothers' Day came and went. BRMP.   That darn shot clock buzzer is at it again. I got shitty big time. I wrote blasting email "This is no good. You are a pack of wally's. WHERE IS BOOK?!"  Well, it wasn't quite like that because I am grateful to have a publisher at all.  But come on, where the F&^% is my book?  Seriously ....  I did kind of get all exclamation pointy and terse and a little big capital lettery in my email.

No reply.

Oh hell, I have upset them.  They don't like big shouting "WHERE IS BOOK" emails.  Oh dear.

So then I phoned them. I picked up the phone and I dialed. At first I mis-dialed and got a non-existent number and with the "this number doesn't exist" recording at the other end I panicked.  They've gone bankrupt and taken my book with them!!!  But then I calmed down, got my wits about me, listened to my gut (which said it was all ok) and redialed.  I got the receptionist.

No, Mr Publisher not available. Leave message?  Yes, please call Leanne.

Nothing.  For a week I got nothing.

So yesterday morning I rang them again.

Mr Publisher not available. Leave message?  Yes, it is very important that they call Leanne.

Nothing.  I followed up with another email.  HELLLOOOOOOO!!!!  Is anybody out there?

Nothing.  So this morning I phoned again.

Mr Publisher not available. Leave message?  CALL LEANNE URGENTLY!!!

Then it came. A few minutes ago. An email.  Apologies.  Have problems with book.  Big problems.  The layout isn't working. The text on the picture space isn't working.  The mockups just aren't up to standard. Having to send back and redo.

You know what? That's ok.  The problem is just a problem and I have belief it will be worked out.  That's fine.  I trust the experts and believe it will be wonderful when it is all done.  The fact that they aren't happy with it goes to show they are expecting a quality product. That's a good sign! It's the not knowing that is the concern.  It's being left in the dark with a light switch that is across the other side of the world that does your head in. Problems have solutions. A lack of communication leaves a hole.

When you're sick to the stomach because of a fear of the unknown, communication is the antibiotic of life.

So write out that prescription guys ... I need my pills!


  1. Yup, it is the not knowing. I'm glad you got some info.

  2. I read last night that JK Rowlings aka Harry Potter super writer sent her book to a dozen publishers before it was accepted and look at her now. Hang in there the best things are worth the wait :)

  3. OMG! Would it have been so hard for him to send that email a few weeks ago??
    You're right, it's the thought of what could be wrong more than the actual issue at hand that is the most worrying!
    Hope it is all sorted soon!

  4. I need to take the bus into NYC?? (and no, I won't drive into the city, that makes me want to vomit)...and I agree with Daisy, Roo and Two...a return email...a return phonecall...come on Mr. Publisher, you are supposed to be a professional and your customer service sucks!

  5. So glad that you have heard from them finally :) . I hope the redo will be able to be done quickly and you wont have to wait too long for a publishing date now :) .

  6. You guys are so supportive! Thank you for listening (and agreeing).
    And yes Bodnars, I did think about sending you into the "big smoke" to knock on his door, but then I got scared that if you did knock on the door and no one was actually there ... or that it was a vacant lot or that it was a cleaning cupboard or something ... that I'd just curl up and die. Can you imagine a guy sitting in a cleaning cupboard with his laptop in some high class 5th Avenue building? That could be my publisher!!! Sigh. Right now though I feel some relief ... with some mild fascination ... and once my books are on shelves I will be sure to suggest some new office management practices to them. In a very exclamation point and capital lettery sort of way ...


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