Friday, May 20, 2011

Day 591

Sometimes it's just the vibe of the thing.  You know?  Sometimes you just want to capture a certain vibe.

Like, when I'm trying to work out a hot new cheer routine for my cheer chicks and my mind goes blank I head to You Tube to see what others are doing, and I find something cool, and I don't want to copy the routine, but I do want to capture the same vibe.  The same flow. Similar energy.  The spirit. The vibe of the thing.

Or like, when I'm remembering how cool it was to be on the Big Island of Hawaii and it's not the actual location nor the posh resort nor the perfect weather nor great pools, nor even the cocktails, but it was the feeling we had while we were there.  That feeling of total joy.  Complete relaxation.  Not a worry in the world.  Bliss. The vibe of the thing.

Or like, when you meet someone new and you immediately click, the conversation flows, there is no awkwardness, no judgement, just easy going chatter and a relaxed presence.  You get along. It's a connection. The vibe of the thing.

Or you head off into the sunset with your gal pal for a road trip in high heels and you spend the entire four hour trip giggling and talking and singing and laughing and screaming and ...... you have a ball. You remember why you became friends in the first place.   You love each other. It's all about the vibe of the thing.

Yeah, sometimes it's just about the vibe of the thing.

I have absolutely no reason to be writing this post.  I just felt a good vibe ... after all, sometimes it's just the vibe of the thing. You know?

What about you?

Have you got a good vibe? 

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