Saturday, May 21, 2011

Day 592

I have a double chin.  It's a bit saggy baggy. It's not overly obvious, but I know it's there.  Kind of like a security pillow for my other chin to cuddle and rest on from time to time.  That's one of the reasons I bought the Neck Perfect (where is that stupid device? I suppose I should get it out again and start doing my "chin ups") so that I could work on firming up the second chin ... and to do something about my neck curtains.  Anyway, I know I have a double chin.  I will never allow a photographer to take a photo from down low looking upwards ... my chin(s) become HUGE.  I don't talk about my chins. I try not to draw attention to them. So I was a little surprised when Darby pointed them out.  We were on our Gold Coast adventure and I was sitting in the backseat with the kids as we drove from Grafton to Kirra.  I was reading my book.  I could feel someone staring at me so I looked up to see Darby looking at me with concern, wonder and confusion.  He was staring intently at my neck and was looking very perplexed.

"Hey Mum, do you have two chins?"  

"Um, just when I'm reading mate. It's when my head tilts forward."

Then he got the giggles.  He started to laugh, and laugh, and laugh ...

"Mum's got two chins!!!"

"Ok Mate, no need to shout it from the rooftops".

"But Mum, you've got TWO chins".

Everyone else in the car starts to chuckle.  Darby is in hysterics.

"Do it again Mum, do it again ... show everyone your two chins".

So I press my chin against my chest to inflate my little ol' neck pillow and the laughter rings through the car.

Yep. Thanks everyone.  I've got two chins.

I'm writing this today because it's one month later and Darby has pointed it out again.

"Do that chin thing Mum, do that chin thing."  Being the cool Mum that I am, I oblige. Absolute hysterics.  He is out of control laughing ... rolling on the floor in fact.  I guess that would make it a ROFL.

As Darby flails around on the carpet, I step over him and head to my room.  I'm off to find that Neck Perfect ....


  1. Bahahaha what a cheeky monkey. You're one of the most gorgeous women I know, so its easy to laugh at this post. Let's not introduce Darbs to my family of chins...he'll be beside himself with laughter, lol.

  2. Hello Boomerang Jane! So nice to see you. I've missed you ;) Hope you are well!


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