Sunday, May 22, 2011

Day 593 - "Help me to win a new Ford Territory for a year and $5000"

How’s your drive?

Is it possible to have too much drive?  That’s the question I am asking myself as I race around the speedway of life (apparently leaving road kill in my wake) …

I have quite a few personal goals.  Big ones.  They are important to me and I am passionate about them. My goals revolve around me as a business owner, as a cheer coach, as a mother and as an author.  But mainly as an author.

When the kids are at school and Husband is at work I get in my metaphorical sports car and I motor through my to-dos with energy and with purpose.  I have no doubt that I will reach my goals … the daily goals, the annual goals and the life goals … I have no doubt I will achieve them …eventually.  And in the process I am all about helping others achieve theirs.  I feel like that’s my purpose.

As a family we also have a number of goals.  For those goals we jump in the family fun bus and coast through life at a slightly different pace.  Sometimes I am at the wheel, and sometimes Husband is at the wheel.  These are destinations we aim for together.

But what happens when the personal goals and the personal drive requires more time?  When life in the sports car becomes more demanding or maybe even more fulfilling than life in the family fun bus?  What happens then?

The word d r I v e has a great big “I” in there.  There is no “we” or “us” in there … just a great big “I”.  Being self-driven does take on a bit of a selfish trait. I don’t think I am overly selfish, but perhaps I am. What happens when my vehicle is driving faster than the other cars around me? Do they end up eating my dust? Is my drive giving me too much “I”? These are the questions playing on my mind. 

The last few weeks have seen me become busier than usual - to the point where there has been a bit of family gridlock. I have been working with clients, helping out at the school, creating cheer choreography, spending a lot of frustrated energy on the publishing journey, blogging every day, travelling to be with friends and family, participating in bloggy competitions, writing business proposals and generally driving the entire universe from the bucket seat of my metaphorical Ferrari.  I’ve been doing a lot and I have been tackling it all with a great deal of horse power.  To the point that Husband has asked me to park the sports car back in the garage and return to the family fun bus for a while.  It seems with all my torque and power steering, I may have overdone the whole driving thing and burnt a little too much fuel and driven over a few too many pedestrians in the process.  It seems I am driving my poor husband insane and he feels like the victim of a drive-by shooting.  I think he wishes I’d get back in the family wagon and be satisfied with all that the wagon has to offer.

I forget that you know.  I forget that some people don’t have big plans and don’t need loads of goals.  Their achievements and their purpose can be found right there within their family. Everyone is different: some people need a driver … someone to chauffeur them through life; others are quite happy to motor through the countryside at a relaxed Sunday pace; others dart in and out of traffic flipping the bird and tooting their horn; while others race down the speedway with absolute precision and dedication lapping people as they go as they move towards that chequered flag. 

That last one … that might be me.

I don’t mean it to be.  I try my best to get back in the family fun bus the moment the school bell rings and revert to a relaxed Sunday driving mentality.  But sometimes I forget to take off the leathers and goggles and I kinda keep on motoring.


What happens now?  I am at a crossroads.  I have all this drive still built up inside me, so many goals and so much direction, but so little race time. It may be that I have to garage it all up for a while so that the cars behind me can catch up.  The whole thing has me quite perplexed and I am feeling a little like a crash test dummy to be honest. I hope the Ferrari has airbags and a decent crumple zone.  I think it’s about to crash …

So I need your advice - is it possible that a person can have too much direction, too much horse power or too many destinations programmed into the GPS? Is there such a thing as too much drive?


This post was written as my entry in the Kidspot/Ford Territory challenge.  It is a blog post themed around the word “drive”.  I am thinking that if I had a Ford Territory parked in my garage that perhaps I would get the balance right. I could have a car that fits neatly between the metaphorical Ferrari and the family fun bus giving me enough drive without a racing circuit.  It would give me the combination of smart technology, space and versatility, outstanding fuel economy, improved engine power and torque all packaged up in a snazzy exterior.  Yeah, that sounds like me …


  1. Very interesting post Leanne. Firstly I want to say that I love all the directions that your sports car takes you as they benefiut others more than they benefit you :).

    As to your question though I absolutely think that it is possible to have too many directions programmed into your GPS. I am a person who is always driven to do more more more. I have big ideas and I want to get them done all at the same time. Each and every year though the wheels invariably fall off my sports car in a spectacular crash..I'm thinking that time is coming very soon this year.

    At work I decided to embrace the oppoturnity this year to do things differently and have designed units of work to engage and excite the kids while also promoting team work and coopperation in a group of children who have had past issues in getting along. These units are brand new and I am setting them all up on my own.

    The concept is working, the year is going brilliantly and the students are engaged and happy and getting along...and feeling successful. But it is coming at a price for me. I never have the opportunity to stop. Setting up 4 different new units of work is hard work, with majority of it happening outside of work hours. I feel like perhaps I am stretching myself too thin.

    My house drive is less as a result and by the time I have spent energy on helping the troubled soul through this difficult time around here I look around me and realise there is no petrol left for the mundane that needs to be done (you know, so we have food in our bellies and clothes on our back which are clean). Something has got to give and luckily for me today it is my back! and chest as I cough and scream in pain as my back muscles are all inflamed and out of whack! I have no doubt that this illness is also a result of the stress of driving too fast through life right now.

    Having said all that there is no way for me to stop driving the car. But I do need to find a way to slow it down a little, to a more manageable speed. (I do find myself reading Soulemama once a week and just dreaming of the simplicity of a simpler life...although the reality would probably be that I would add some kind of drama to the simple life like inventing a robot to do the planting which would then take over the earth! lol)

    I think that it is possible to have your dreams and your drive and to work towards acheiveing them. I think they hard thing is finding a balance between them all that keeps everyone, especially you, happy. I think you can absolutely do that though Leanne! You inspire me daily! :)

  2. oh dear..that was the biggest comment I have ever written! ~blush~ sorry for taking up soo much space!

  3. Awesome post.
    A concept I struggle with everyday.
    It takes a lot of time and energy to chase your dreams when you have a family to tend to.
    Although I've come to the conclusion in life, that a happy mummy means a happy child. Children can sense resentment, and if you sit in an idle car without actually taking it for a drive - you may just end up accidently gassing yourself in the garage...

  4. Giggle, loving all the driving metaphors. On a lighter note Leanne, based on yesterday's blog...maybe that spare chin will come in handy on your crash test dummy self as an airbag! *snigger*

    I struggle with the whole work/home balance too and I run at a positively hybrid silent and slower speed to you. I agree with Romina, that not living the life you were meant to would be a sad fate. Your family are used to you running at such a fast intense pace. They may wish for the slower paced you. However, I'm sure even they would agree; like all cars (such as the awesome Ford Territory - hope you get to drive it for 12 months!!) you really should put in the premium fuel & allow them to purr at their optimum pace. Honey, you look great in the fun bus, you'll look even greater in the Ford Territory, but there's no denying you are a Ferrari through and through. Even your lovely husband would understand you need to let the Ferrari drive on the super fast highway of life and not in the slow lane. Good luck with it all.

    Ps. When you figure it all out, perhaps you could put it in a book and let us all know the answer to this age old dilemma.

  5. I came by this post via Jen's blog and WOW! Just WOW, really... It's like you took a detour through my headspace! I have a LOT of drive and married a reluctant passenger who has a tendency for motion sickness - it can get messy sometimes!

    My biggest problem is that I think I have the wrong vehicle... The will is there, but the practice stalls sometimes and I feel frustrated with myself and then I find myself sitting by the roadside watching the other cars zoom by and wishing I could join them, but knowing I'll never keep up.

    Also, I suffer a bit of destination envy! I have destinations loaded into my GPS and on good days my car is co-operating and I'm driving at speed with the wind in my hair! Then I see a fellow drive veer off to the right, and I get curious, where is she going? Is that destination quicker/more exciting/more profitable than my destination? Sometimes I try to follow, but because the destination isn't in my GPS and she's got a head start I get lost and then I have to try and backtrack without a map to my original starting point. All this loses me time and fuel...

    The drive is definitely there though, and sometimes it has a very big *i* in it indeed...

  6. Wow. I've just boiled the jug so I can make a cuppa to read these wonderful comments. Man, who knew there were so many of us out there experiencing the same drive-time experiences? It sounds like we all need bigger garages in which to house our many vehicles. We should be able to drive more than one car shouldn't we? One thing's for sure between us we've all got a fair bit of torque ... especially you Jen who left the longest comment in the history of comments ...
    Oh and Romina, a happy mummy means a happy child ... that's so true.
    B/Jane - LOL re the airbags, and YES, perhaps I will write a book :)
    Sif - due to the power of synchronicity it seems we have found each other! Hope it didn't hurt when I detoured through your head ...
    Keep the comments coming guys. All this chit chat is really interesting and is helping to clarify a few things in this world of drive. Besides, it's good research for that book I'm now apparently going to write ;P

  7. Leanne, somedays the I have the opposite problem. All I want is to have someone else drive the bus for me.

    Love your work. xx

  8. Really making me think here I think of you driving in the many different cars in your garage, I think of mine (my green Ford Explorer). My drive seems to be in neutral of late. I know where I need to go and what I need to do, ie. school/work, baseball, errands..but I feel like I'm on "auto-pilot"...I get there and do what I need to, but gosh, sometimes I don't know how I got there. Anyone else ever feel like that? And there are times, when I just want to leave my car in park, or as Lucy said above, let someone else drive the bus..

    Leanne, I wish I had more of your drive sometimes. You know the direction you want to go, and you go. And yes, you have many destinations in your GPS, I think trying to get them all programmed correctly is the challenge. Especially the family one. But knowing you as long as I have, I know you will get your drive under control and all your destinations in line. You also have made me think about getting my drive out of neutral and aware of where I'm going. Cheers my friend!

  9. Great blog Leanne.

    The car analogy is one I use a lot in fitness with the message being, find the car you love and don't settle for anything less - who says you don't deserve it? Then fuel it up with the best high octane you can get your hands on and DRIVE it ... see what you are capable of.

    Every day we get out there and drive and it's only through taking unknown roads and going exploring in 4WD that we really discover what we are capable of.

    Can we have too much drive? No, I don't think so.

    The issue is how we manage it. Check the road map before you begin each day. Get clear on the destination and plan the most satisfying route to get there each day. Some days you're going to be in a hurry so it's the shortest distance between two points, and other days you just want to take your time and savour it. Passengers welcome??? That's a personal choice on any given day, but at the end of the day it's your car, your life - be clear about that and I think the support team, co -drivers and pitt crew will all be there when you need them.

    Car analogies are amazing - I could go on and on ...

    What a fantastic topic for a blog Leanne - congratulations on your amazing work, and thanks for the thought starter.

  10. It's interesting hearing the different sides to the whole drive subject. Too much, or not enough? It seems we need to find that middle ground. The Ford Territory perhaps?
    Thanks for the input Lucy. I can't imagine you being on board someone else's bus. You seem more driven than you give yourself credit for. And you too Bodnars. I really love your sentiments. I totally get that auto pilot thing.
    Fitness girl - you are a champion. Great comments. Love your work :)

  11. Oh i love this, yes, being driven is something i think you'll always have, be it cleaning the house or being proud of your career, doing a job well, properly & proudly is the ONLY way to do it for some of us. I think people get confused with drive & competitiveness, funnily enough your drive post is about winning a competition, tee hee, ironic, but i get you!! Oh & voted for you too. So long as you never lose yourself in your to do list, you'll be on top & tick all the boxes in success. Wishing you well, love Posie

  12. Hmmmm, thought provoking! And now you're making me think, all I want to do is put the kettle on... I have too much drive in some directions but not enough in others. What I am coming to terms with, though, is being my own pace car. Not allowing someone else to tell me what is not enough - I am, however, valiantly trying to allow them to tell me what is too much for it is that which may make me burn out or get sick (I am far too hard on myself and what I believe I *haven't* achieved, when I have done plenty enough!) Know what I'm saying?

    Right... now where's that cuppa...

  13. I'm similar to Kirrily in that I have so much drive in some areas and none in others - finding the balance between them is hard. Going off road a bit helps :P

  14. Drive?! I don't even know how to drive. There is no petrol in my tank at all. I admire anyone who has drive to be honest, because that means they have direction. Now if only I could find that map ...
    Fantastic post DFF. I've only just found you and I am totally going to be coming by again.

  15. You are very good at what you do and inspire others to keep driving! There is the whole life-juggling thing though and that's where the 'Give Way', 'Form One Lane' and at times the 'Stop' sign come in! Happy and healthy motoring is the most important option.

  16. I do admire your drive Leanne! You make other busy mothers like me feel tired just reading it! I totally think having the amount of drive you have is fantastic. I guess you can stop for a breather every now and again to check the oil, put the petrol in, stop and admire the scenery and all that gives you 5 minutes to stop and think up something else you can add to your busy highway. Oh, how tired, just thinking about it.

    If anyone in this world deserves recognition and new Ford Territory IT'S YOU!! Your blog is enjoyable, funny, inspiring, tiring (lol) and lifting to some spirits on days we all feel low.

    Can you take your new Ford 4WDing?? Mmmm... I wonder...!! We could take you to some amazing places where you could find some more inspiring things to make you even more DRIVEN!

    Look forward to waking up tomorrow morning at sparrow's when you are up and reading your take on the world then!

    Blog loving from me!



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