Monday, May 23, 2011

Day 594

I was having a cuppa with a friend yesterday and she asked for my help.  She needs to cleanse from her past and move forward with confidence and with peace.  She said she'd pay me the full rate.  I said that of course I would help but that perhaps I wasn't the best person to be helping people move forward right now given I'm kinda at a crossroads myself.  Given I'm all tangled up in my own drive. I feel all powerful and clever and ridiculously good looking when I'm driving my metaphorical Ferrari but when it's parked in the garage and I'm contemplating the next steps on the highway of life then I'm not sure I should be wearing my consultants cap.  But she insisted.  So right then and there we commenced some self awareness exercises and in the process I started to self help myself.  I talked about living in the "now" for a while.  Forgetting our yesterdays - they're gone and we can't change them.  Forgetting our tomorrows - as they're not here yet and stressing about them just ruins our today.  So for the next few weeks spend time waking up to a brand new day with only that day in mind.  Starting each day with a blank piece of paper in hand, writing that day's script, and at the end of the day highlighting the best parts and quietly celebrate the day that was before throwing it in the bin ready to start fresh again the next day. We can do the whole driving towards success thing later.  Right now just live in the now. Become mindful.

So I've taken my own advice. Today I am only thinking about today. Not worrying about tomorrow nor reflecting on yesterday.  For the next few weeks I am going to only program one destination in the GPS at a time.  Some days I'll need the Ferrari. Others I will go with the family fun bus.  There'll be others where I'll hire the new Ford Territory. But each day ... it will be taken one day at a time. Who's with me?

Huh.  Imagine that ... practicing what you preach. Who would have thunk it ...


This week's topic is: Can you have too much drive? 

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  1. Such an important message and one I'm glad you erote about today. I'm going to give this a go too :)

  2. Hi Jen. How was your day? I can safely say mine was great. My approach was good. It was stress free. Hope your's was too ...

  3. I'm glad your plan lead to a you having a great day.

    Maybe it will work for me, too.


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