Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Day 595

We're having a great conversation about whether or not you can have "too much drive".

Come on over and join in! I would love your take on things.  Just click on the picture and head on over.  Then, when you're done, come back with your cuppa and maybe we can do a bit of living in the now .... because I've got more stuff to share and it's kinda cool ...


So I'm doing this living in the now thing for a few weeks just to remind myself of how it feels.  Just until I shed some built up tension and anxiety and start to relax a bit.  All that drive and to-dos and goal setting and planning for the future has worn me out.  It's time to just live for the moment for a bit.  I'll get back to driving very soon.  It's who I am. But for now ... it's all about ... the now.

Yesterday I woke up, pottered about the house getting the chores done saying to myself the whole time "just do what you can ... it doesn't matter if it doesn't all get done".  Then I started filling out our passport application forms and reminded myself again "just do what you can ... it doesn't matter if you don't finish this morning".  And then I took the kids to school and slowly drove to an appointment saying "no need to rush, you'll get there on time".  And then when I finished I turned back to the school and again said "they know you can't start work until recess, take your time".  And as I worked with two sets of kids I decided not to take their entire lives and well being on board and instead focussed on spending a relaxed and enjoyable half hour with each of them as we went through their activities one smiling step at a time.  And then I sat in the staffroom with my cheerleading notes and calmly looked at the formations I had on paper and created some cheer motions as I ate lunch.    Then I worked in the front office for the afternoon and happily answered phones, got the note bags ready and did a bit of filing, and when the phones suddenly went crazy and four sets of parents arrived at the counter wanting things I knew nothing about, I just smiled and they smiled back.

I know, I know, it's all pretty straight forward stuff.  But I get a bit forgetful at times and I can forget to change gears. So just bear with me while I remember how this "living each day" thing is done. 

At the end of cheer last night I marveled at the fact that the kids completely took on board my living-in-the-now energy.  The last two weeks I have been uptight, worried, anxious, concerned. All those words that mean the same thing. I was too focussed on the tomorrows. And while I was all smiles and positivity on the outside, they still absorbed my bad energy and blocks started to appear.  But last night I radiated belief both on the outside and the inside and they felt it.  We had the most successful session we've had in ages.

Wow. Look at that ... this living-in-the-now is really having an impact ...  I might try some more of it today.

Don't worry.  I won't be doing it forever. I'll get back to driving towards my tomorrows soon ... I just need this time to get the good oil and high octane fuel flowing again.

How's your now?


  1. My now sucks. Need some answers for second child's health.

    Can cope with anything when my kids are okay, nothing when they are not.


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