Thursday, May 26, 2011

Day 597

Is it possible to stay fab (with no drab) in winter?

I find it really hard to stay fabulous when the skies cloud over and winter sets in.  I become really drab and foggy and low.  They say we can't possibly suffer SADS in Australia because we have too many daylight hours, but I'm telling ya that I get the winter blues (to varying degrees) every year and I could very possibly be a SADS candidate.

So how do you overcome the winter blues to stay fab in the time of drab?

I don't bloody know. If I knew I wouldn't be getting them. I do know that I can sometimes change my psychology by adjusting my physiology.  By pulling back my shoulders, holding my chin high, and opening up my chest for better breathing.  I also make sure I'm kept busy.  I can also put on some kick arse jeans and pair of boots and a really cool jacket and scarf and feel all fashionable and winter perfect.  And I dance in the lounge room when no one is looking. Plus sometimes we book a winter escape to somewhere warmer and put some sun on our skin. Oh, and I often turn the boiled chook into a nicely roasted one by getting the ol' spray tan happening.  But they're all temporary fixes.  Just enough to get me through another week or another few days.

As I write this it is a beautiful blue sky autumn day in our nations capital.  I have no SADS today.  I am energised and focussed and ready to take care of a bit of business.  But what happens next week, and the week after?  I know I'm supposed to be living in the now, but I can't help but feel I've got to grab every blue sky day and squeeze the most out of it just in case tomorrow is cloudy (with a chance of the fuckity fuckits...)

How do you stay up in winter? 

Do you manage to stay fab and avoid the drab? 

There's lots of people working hard to turn drab into fab right now.  Check them out on Diminishing Lucy's Drab2Fab Linky! What a great idea Lucy ....

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  1. When it is winter over here, I try to mix in some bright colors within my winter wardrobe. It can add a little pep in my step =]

  2. So with you. I grew up in Tasmania, and cold as it is, there is blue sky and sun on your skin even in Winter. Now I live in Melbourne, and Winter is grey, and often sunless.
    My GP said all Melbournians should take vitamin D in winter because we so not get enough sunlight. I have started taking it.
    Exercise keeps me going too... and I try to cook lots of hearty food!
    Apart form that I try really hard not to always give in to the all black dress code for Melbs! But when the sky is grey, it's hard!

  3. Tuna and accesories.

    Things with tuna in them assist in the Vit D uptake and battle with the SADS.

    And I always find it tricky to feel sassy in roll neck sweaters and woolly jumpers, but if I glam up with accessories and chunky jewelry and nice boots and gloves etc, I am feeling less drab already...


  4. Have you tried spending a bit of time in a sauna?? I started using saunas when back in Scotland for a while after a few years here. It was a way to warm my bones and sweat. Still love a sauna, there's one at the gym I go to so that's a wee winter refuge.

  5. I actually find it easier to be fab in winter than summer. Weird, I know. But I find the cold air uplifting and it's not as draining walking in the winter as walking in the heat.

    So, my advice, is grab your walking shoes and go for a brisk walk in the morning or evening. It really helps. x

  6. I've started accessorizing with scarves! I put one on with a trackie on Tuesday and instantly felt less frumpy! I think sads is totally possible here. I hope the blue skies are ample this winter my friend xo

  7. I think you've read my previous newsletter about my annual dose of sucky SAD! Which I'm now referring to as the fuckity fuckits, lol

  8. Thank you so much for all your WONDERFUL "staying fab in winter" ideas. Seriously. I am writing them all down in my note book and will not only try them myself, but will also suggest them to clients. No one wants a dose of the fuckity fuckits ;P


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