Saturday, May 28, 2011

Day 599

I have a friend called Betty. She’s my new BFF. I am grateful for her presence.

I really love Betty.  I absolutely love her.  She is just so warm and welcoming. She hugs your soul and helps the spirit soar.  She’s quite rich and can be very smooth.  She’s not the least bit coarse.  She’s full bodied and delightful.  Sometimes you can’t wait until she’s ready for you. You just dive straight in and grab her. But she doesn’t judge nor complain.  She’s quite forgiving like that. There have been days when I’m all alone, and then Betty arrives and all is good again.  You don’t have to tip toe around Betty. She’s not the least bit high maintenance. She’s an easy going chick. 

Why on Earth would you wear yourself out by making, baking and creating in the kitchen when you’ve got a friend like Betty who does it all for you? 

Better Crocker … you’re one hell of a gal to have around.   

How about you read a few more gratefuls ... Maxabella is all about the gratitude and has kindly hosted some gratitude sharing.  Gratitude rocks - it is the first rule to happiness after all ....

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  1. Love it. After a mishap in the kitchen last week involving a grater and my knuckle (making carrot cake of all things!), I think I will be aquainting myself with Betty more regularly in the future! xx

  2. Betty Crocker is also a great friend to me on the occasions of need. As is the bakehouse aisle at Woolies when even dear Mrs Crocker seems too time consuming.

  3. Oh yes, they're so useful! we have one where we're staying atm and I've done so much more experimenting in the kitchen!

  4. Now if only Betty was comfortable sleeping in the guest room and working for free rent?

  5. There's more than enough Betty to go around. Her only problem is I have to keep inviting her over as her yumminess doesn't last too long around here ... the cupboards are bare again with a day or two. My favourite right now is the tripple choc muffins. YUM!!!


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