Sunday, May 29, 2011

Day 600

Today I am 40 years and 600 days old.  That's very deep fried.  Why I insist on putting hundreds in my age I do not know, but they are the facts as they stand in my bloggy world.

And I really am deep fried, because my passport photos tell me so.  Why won't they let us smile?

Yesterday we headed off as a family to get the photos taken for our passport renewals and we all struggled not to smile as the camera came out.  It's a simple equation - camera equals smile. It's a "Pavlov's dog" conditioning style reaction.  Anyway, we got our photos and I realised that not being allowed to smile is very unkind to the middle aged.  All that skin that is normally pinned back nice and tight in the smile position is left to hang and mope around at a much lower altitude. Plus those wrinkles that add to a smile's character are left useless and all canyony when sitting on an expressionless face.   Passport photos are rotton little bastards that give us hope and fill us with excitement on the one hand while dragging us along the ground by our hair with the other.  I really would like to know though, why the powers that be think it's a breach of security to leave our smiles at home. Is it because the baddies entering the airport wouldn't be smiling so the passport photos need to be taken in a way that can recognise the non-smiling bastards? Maybe if we forced them to smile for their passport photos they wouldn't then feel the need to blow up planes! Maybe if we encouraged a bit of endorphin release there would be no terrorism. Maybe.  Anyway, it's food for thought ...

Because we are at Day 600 I thought I should do another competition, but I couldn't really think of something to give away. So I thought "bugger it". And besides, why do you need prizes and presents to celebrate?  Can't we just party on the inside because life is worth it?

This thought was further endorsed as I opened my lap top this morning. My beautiful magic 11 year old daughter was signed into her own Google account.  I didn't realise until I went into the Blogger Dashboard and saw a heap of blogs that weren't my own.  She has her own group of private/unlisted blogs which she shares only with the friends, and the latest one on her Dashboard is titled "Love Life".  So I checked it out.  It is a beautiful little blog about loving what you have, enjoying every minute and celebrating daily. Wow.  I don't know how we did it, but we sure did something right ....

So on Day 600 I leave you with a song.  It came from the album "Something for Everybody" which was brought out around he time of Baz Luhrman's "Romeo and Juliet" and features many of the songs from that movie.  Grab a cuppa, sit back and listen to the words and have a wonderful Sunday.


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  1. Happy 600th blogging day.

    So with you on the passport photo my friend. Torturous opportunity if ever there didn't need to be one. And I wholeheartedly agree with your theory it must be the sole reason for terrorism. A photo with a big cheesy smile & a border of colourful flowers spells happy travels for sure!

    Bet you were glad you didn't get more than you bargained for when you took a sneak peek at her 'Love Life' article...could've caused a few more grey hairs for Mama if she was indeed talking about a cute young Justin Beiber-esque type of boy at school, lol

  2. OMG, I didn't even think of "love life" as in her love life!!! LOL. I read it as you've got to "love life". LOL. A great example of perception and punctuation (for another great example head over to Diminishing Lucy's blog post of yesterday)

  3. Happy 600th day!
    Passport photos and drivers license photos are the ones we have to forcibly show everybody but are usually the one photo that we hate the most!


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