Thursday, June 2, 2011

Day 604

I think I may live in a bowl of soup.

Last week I talked about the winter blues and how they really affect me. I got a lot of fabulous feedback and have written it all down to try out on myself (and my clients) over the coming months. I feel that much of my blues is compounded by the fact that many people get a bit droopy in the colder months and the energies start bouncing off each other further dragging each other down.  Particularly in Canberra.

Canberra is a beautiful place most of the time.  There are trees, and hills, and bushland and blue skies.  We even get a lot of blue sky weather in winter.  But Canberra is in a valley, surrounded by hills and mountains making it the perfect bowl in which murky blues soup can fester.  Heat rises, so in summer any negativity in the Canberra bowl floats upwards and outwards leaving us feeling fresh and renewed every single day.  But in winter the energies of the people around us, those we know and those we have never met, fester and boil and bubble away without an escape hatch rendering us at the mercy of the grumbly winter broth.

So what's the answer to this soupy conundrum?  

How can we rise above the negativity and the energies that are largely out of our control?

There is something that can take us from soupy drab to freshly fab in no time. All we need to do is find a bloody great big hill and climb up it.  Get above the simmering soggy sadness and breathe fresh mountain air.  That's my drab to fab contribution this week. Climb a hill. Not only does it take you above the normal default position, but it also gives a great deal of perspective. All the worries and all the anxieties look very tiny when you're sitting on top of the world.

The wonderful Lucy over at Diminishing Lucy has created Drab2Fab which encourages us all to find a little something to keep us feeling ridiculously good looking.  Check out what others are doing on this fabulous Thursday.


  1. I live in the hills just outside of Melbourne. I love it. There is nothing like driving through the rat race traffic and turning off the highway to the trees and the climb home. Every day, even in the middle of Winter I wind the window down the breathe in some fresh mountain air. Utter bliss.

  2. Love that! Climb a hill :). I'm here to chat the soup away too :) (I think this is the first time I've visited this week? :o! That's craziness! Silly extra work this week. Miss you friend!

  3. I think that's perfect to combat the problem of festering winter feuds. I hope it helps out a TON. :)


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