Friday, June 3, 2011

Day 605

You don't always get what you want, but you usually get what you need.

As you know I've been struggling a bit this last week with keeping my head above the murky sea of winterdom.  Which is a bit sad because we're only the 3rd day into the season.  But it hit Canberra-ville early and it's already impacting my mojo.

Anyway, on Wednesday morning I hit rock bottom.  I totally dived into a cloudy abyss and wondered how the hell I was going to survive.  Luckily for me I have a few tools and tricks and mindset adjusters.  So I was able to have a bit of a cry and talk myself through it in the process. And I climbed a hill (which really helped).

During the period of self talk I was reflecting on last winter, and the winter before that.  Last winter I used every ounce of life coach wisdom to get me through. The winter before that I sailed through the season with barely a foggy day.  I was trying to determine what it was about the winter of my 39th year that was so much sunnier than last winter and the winter we are currently diving into.  I found the answer. Boot camp.

During my 39th year I was completely into the getting fit and fabulous at 40 thing and I would get up at sparrows fart two mornings a week to drag tyres up hills, sprint up and down stairs, run around the lake wearing a weight vest and do 100 burpies until I threw up.  Some days I would be out there in -7C temperatures (yes, that is a minus) and still managed to sweat like a pig.  I was exercising all winter long, the moment I got out of bed and the endorphins were keeping me sane. I believe it was that simple.

So, I was reflecting on this through my tears of frustration on Wednesday and wondered how I could get back into pre-dawn exercise when it was taking all my effort to crawl out of bed just to go to the toilet.  Then I received a text message - completely unexpected - from a friend "Hey L. Wanna join me for 6am boxing on Friday?" How the hell did she read my thoughts? You don't always get what you want like a winter free from the blues but you usually get what you need like a buddy to keep you accountable for early morning exercise.

This morning I fronted up to the boxing class and the endorphins are flying! Absolutely flying ...

I am looking forward to next weeks pre-dawn exercise.  I seriously think it might be the answer.

Oh, and it's Friday! That means it's time to grab your cuppa and flick through the best women's mag you'll ever come across ... Flog Yo Blog Friday!  Head on over to Glowless at Where's My Glow to flick through the pages of the Friday blogosphere 


  1. Exercise usually always helps. Good luck!

  2. Hi over from FYBF. Chin up! Winter is only one season and at least in Canberra you get 4 seasons, unlike the resto of Australia where there are only 2!

  3. I *need* to be able to get into some kind of routine. It's summer here, so I have the vitamin D on my side, but I need that element of exercise and the *will* to get my fat arse outta bed in the wee hours to get it done. (I really like my sleep.) (Plus the meds make me sleepy.)

    Good on you for finding a way to cure the blues! Keep up the good work!

  4. Yep, chin is up!! And exercise is helping. Thanks everyone.
    Draft Queen - the fatigue thing is a hard one to beat. That was part of my problem but after the initial shock of the pre-dawn leap, it's working wonders.


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