Saturday, June 4, 2011

Day 606

Today's post is a letter to Sir Richard Branson - just in case he's sitting at home Googling himself ... (as you do).

Dear Mr Branson

Dear Sir Richard

Dear Richard

I am writing to alert you to a super awesome business proposal which I have sent through to your "Big Ideas" Australia/Asia Pacific office.  I'd really like you to personally read it because it is right up your alley.  Your tagline for Virgin Australia is "every day a new idea takes off". If we were to work together I really believe that for the children travelling with Virgin the tagline could be, "every trip new dreams and hope will land".

I look forward to your feedback and hope to talk to you soon.

Kind regards

Leanne Shea Langdown
Author “Yes I Can” Series

It is my dream to help as many children in the world
as possible believe in their own power. 

It's worth a try isn't it?


  1. Yep. And Boy 1 agrees.

    PS I would have started it with "Dear Dick". Just sayin'.

    You know who. You DO know who, don't you?

  2. Doesn't that sound like an awesome place to work, the 'Big Ideas' office. I'm sure your proposal will set off all the bells, lights and whistles. Good luck!

  3. Of course I know who you are MM!! LOL
    Yep Toni, am shooting high ...
    BJ: I hope so!!


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