Sunday, June 5, 2011

Day 607

One of my favourite sayings - Believe and you will Achieve.

My 11 year old daughter is achieving through believing ...

She and her best friend signed up for the 2011 Duo Calisthenics season.  They started learning their routine back in December last year and have been working on their technique, synchronicity, partner tricks and danceability ever since.  They have spent every Monday with their coach and between them all they have worked very hard.

When I asked them what their goals were at the beginning of the season they said "to have fun and get better with every comp".  Joy and growth - excellent goals to have.

Back in March they entered there first competition in the ACT and came home with a very proud 5th place medal.  Over the next two months they worked harder on extending through their legs, maintaining their facial expressions and powering through their stunts.  At their May competition they improved their routine and came home with a 4th place medal.  They kept on smiling and kept on growing.  Last weekend Tahlia entered her ACT State Championship competition week with high hopes. I asked if she was ready for the championships - absolutely.  She asked me if she could organise a sleep-over for the night of the competition but I suggested perhaps not, she would be very tired. She announced (very convincingly) that they would be too hyped up to feel tired .... after their win and all.  Ok, so she was feeling confident!   And so they should, they came home with a 3rd place trophy.

This weekend we drove them to Sydney for the NSW State Calisthenics Duo championship.  We asked them how they were feeling and what their expectations were.  It was simple: they had won 5th, 4th and 3rd .... today they would bring home 2nd place.  Wow, ok then.  Let's give that a go then ...

So they did.  They got up on stage and smiled, and danced, and pointed, extended and held their leg mounts and performed their stunts.  And they had fun.  And they came home with the 2nd place sash.

Yep.  They believed it.  And they achieved it.

They are very inspiring .....

Photo taken at previous ACT Comp - Tahlia and Iso (Tahlia on top)

Tahlia and Iso at their first comp

Tahlia - first comp

Tahlia - first comp


  1. Tahlia and Iso are truly inspirational. With goals and the determination that they both out world!...They can and will accomplish anything....proud of them...

  2. Congrats to them! How cool is that. They are an inspiration.

  3. Well done girls :) what an amazing achievement :)

  4. Just like Mum, eh?


  5. LOL MM. Yeah, I can totally put my leg behind my ear :/
    They've definitely inspired me to continue towards my goals.

  6. Yay for T and I. Well done.

    Maybe all of us can have some more belief in ourselves.

    Google has decided to hate me again. Oops my bad attitude is showing. LOL.

  7. Thank you so much everyone! There was no Mondayitis for these girls. They are still buzzing!
    Oh and E ... The Google Gods are seriously testing us all right now. The bastards ...


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