Thursday, June 9, 2011

Day 611


You often hear the phrase “it’s all about give and take” when it comes to marriage and relationships in general.  Is it possible that it could also be about “give and take” when it comes to moving beyond drab-u-yuk to feeling fabulous?  Could the act of personal reinvention and mindset adjusting also be a game of Dr Doolittle’s pushmi-pullyu?

Giving is a really great way to bring joy to self and to others. And I don’t necessarily mean gift giving, I mean doing kind things and giving a little piece of yourself. Research shows that doing something positive for someone increases the happy chemicals in the giver which turns on the positive responses in the brain for greater daily experiences. And of course the receiver feels pretty good too and it’s highly likely that receiving a random act of kindness will make them feel more like paying it forward. It’s a win win.

But equally, to fully nurture yourself and allow fabulousness to set in, you can’t be a martyr about it all - you’ve also got to be prepared to not only give to others, but also give to yourself and TAKE a little in return.  From time to time you’ve got to allow yourself to be pampered, wined and dined, cooked for, bought for, paid for or have someone take your kids to school so you can have a pyjama day. Because again, by taking you are also bringing joy to yourself and releasing happy chemicals in the person doing the giving.  It’s that two-headed llama in action. 

For many of us we've been taught from the start that it's better to give than to receive.  So we shy away from receiving because we don't want to be seen as self-centred or selfish.  In this whole drab-u-yuk to fabulous journey there’s got to be some give and take - for everyone’s sake.  Maybe not as a pushmi-pullya as that would make everything come to a bit of a stand still (the two-headed llama lacked functionality so was a short lived creature). But perhaps with on a tandem bike taking turns on who is driving.

Drab2Fab. It’s all about give and take.  Maybe today you can give yourself permission to receive – take charge and bloody well ask for it if you have to!  It’s an instant fabulous fix. You can have your turn at giving again tomorrow …

Follow others as they contemplate the whole Drab2Fab revolution which was created and hosted by Lucy over at Diminishing Lucy. Happy Drab2Fab Thursday ...


  1. Wise words in here. As women and mothers I think we sometimes allow our 'giving' bank to be run dry - taking a little in return helps to fill it up.

  2. Amen sistah!

    I'm always looking after everybody else and in the last few weeks I've been running on empty and decided, stuff it, it's me time.

    Like 'Life In A Pink Fibro' said - it's time to refill the bank.

  3. Timely read for me as I am on two days almost-off and they are totally deserved! My hubs has taken the little ones down the coast and I am at home with one big boy tonight then the other returns from camp tomorrow. Easy peasy! We do need to look after ourselves, ruthless self care is the only answer.
    Visiting via Drab2Fab.

  4. Ha one of my most recent posts was how to know if you're running on empty, so this was definitely appropriate! (I saw another blog on this hop about sleep, maybe a trend is happening?). Glad I found you, am a happy new follower :).

  5. So true. Although my 10 year old spontaneously gave me a foot massage with lavender massage oil on the weekend and it was wonderful!
    Thanks for visiting.

  6. So true.

    Now, if only someone would offer to give me something, I'd take it.

    A neck massage particularly.

    Thank you, you fab chick.


  7. Love this. Will be remembering it when I hear myself saying 'no thank you' to everything. I'm hopeless like that. Even if somebody offers me a hot drink I often politely say no and make it myself. Crazy..

  8. So very true, must remember it's a two way street!

  9. So lovely to see you all on the great Drab2Fab Thursday. I listened to my own wise words and had a me me me arvo and evening on Friday. It was fabulous!!!


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