Sunday, June 12, 2011

Day 614

I am off to play gumby tennis.

What is gumby tennis?

The tennis you play when you don't know how to play tennis.

There is a group of us "mums" who have always wished we could play tennis, but who have never had the opportunity (or will) to learn.

A group of mums who share the experience that anytime we have wanted to play tennis we are surrounded by people who can actually hit a ball and so we shrink back further into our non-tennis-playing box lacking confidence and the will to play.

A group of mums who have waited patiently for the day when someone, just like us, might want to play tennis with someone who has never played tennis before.

A group of mums who think tennis sounds so very posh and "country club" and who would love to say "tennis anyone"?

A group of mums who are on equal (tripping-over-themselves) footing.

A group of mums who are tennis wanna-be's.

A group of mums who are self proclaimed tennis gumbies.

 In an hour we will be on the court, all four gumbies together.  In an hour we will (hopefully) be serving balls and we might even manage to hit a few back.

I can't wait!!!

Tennis anyone?


  1. Enjoy! I hope you all hav lots of fun. You might surpirse yourselves and all be really great.

  2. Oooh you know I love me some tennis. Im sure you will have much fun. You might be more sensible than my Dad & I who play outside all year round. Thank goodness he goes away for a few months in the middle of winter! Let us know how you all went, and did you buy a cute little tennis outfit to look the part?

  3. Oh enjoy enjoy... Gumby tennis seems like fun to me...

  4. Can I just say, gumby tennis was SOOOO much fun!! We had no rules. Just hit the ball and keep it "alive". So it bounced numerous times, hit the fence, went out of bounds and while ever we could keep it in the air it counted! It was hysterical. I screamed in absolute delight when we managed to have a rally for 7 whole hits!!!! Woot woot


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