Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Day 616

I have woken up with sinus pain and a sore throat.  Doesn't that suck?!

Oh well.  Onwards and upwards ....

The good news is I am not expected to be anywhere today.  No clients, no meetings, no "networking" at Gloria Jeans. No appointments, no cheer, no banking or bill paying. No working at the school. Today is a blank sheet in which to create and a blank canvass in which to paint.  Today is anything I want it to be.  I could lie in bed all day if I want, or I could get to work on the new children's book series I'm writing.  I could even do a bit of reading or I could fold washing.  I could bake or I could stand on my head in the corner.  I could even run around the house naked .... although I'd still be wearing my Ugg boots because it's FREAKIN' cold.

I am trying to work out if I want it to be a day where I go to the gym.  My throat and sinus are great excuses not to go .... but I've got to do a fruit and veg shop and the supermarket is right next to the gym so I'll be right there.  Hmmmm.  What to do, what to do?

If only all our days were full of such dilemmas, huh?


  1. I would love to have your dilemma today (well minus the sinus pain ;) ). But off to work I go! ;). Ps, I vote s day of relaxation for you to recover and online shopping of fruit and veg ;).

  2. I

    wishing you menthol and drops. :)

  3. If you are on the brink of a cirus or some other illness don't go to the gym. Fighting the virus makes the organs all work much harder and it's not worth the risk of damaging one.

    Hope you fell better soon.

  4. Don't you fib to me all I hear is DAYTIME TV!

  5. Hi leanne,

    I hope you rest up and feel 100% real soon.

    Raining, raining amd yet more rain here, flooded in.

    Got a 4WD and went though some serious water and then decided to go back through and be able to stay with my puppies and the cats.

    Warm inside, good place to stay!!

  6. LOL Michelle. Close, so very close. Have done groceries and worked on my Guest Star Monday idea. Have also done wash and am about to put casserole in crockpot. But TV is just around the corner ...
    I decided against the gym because of similar concerns to that expressed by MM. If I am this lightheaded standing at the kitchen bench, I can't imagine what Cross Training would do.
    And Jen and JBS - knowing what your days have been like of late with the worries of your precious little ones - your words of love and menthol drops are extra special. I did think of you both as I wrote about my own non-dilemmas this morning.
    Time to flick on the TV ... :P

  7. Oh Kas! Are you getting flooded in? Holy crap. Hope you have lots of supplies. At least I was able to leave the house .... but have retreated back to the doona for the afternoon ...
    Stay safe (and warm)


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