Thursday, June 16, 2011

Day 618

So yesterday after my brain fart I got myself dressed to work at the school. It was going to be a full day of learning support relief, with a stint of cheer coaching thrown in at recess (tumbling practice), followed by getting girls to calisthenics and then a drive across town for a business event. I was looking forward to it. Especially the business event …

The day was sorted, the house was tidy, lunches packed, washing up-to-date.  I was feeling a bit “off” all morning but not sick.  I was feeling light-headed but nothing major. I put it down to irritated sinus and niggly throat.

As I was walking to the car the dizziness got worse.  I get a bit of vertigo from time to time. It happens. Along with the brain fogs and other things associated with fibromyalgia, so I chose to ignore it.  As we were driving down the street it was getting worse.  Then as we rounded the corner I almost went off the road.

I stopped the car. I pulled over and sat there for a bit waiting for it to get better. Waiting for the see-saw in my brain to level out. It didn’t so I turned the car around and drove back towards the house. Almost passing out in the process …

Husband was coming the other way and he saw me and turned his car too. We drove back home. I managed to get up the stairs with him behind me and face planted into the bed.  And that is where I stayed all day.  Bouts of dizziness coming and going. Not feeling sick, just a little unwell. Enough to keep me bed ridden.  Slightly sore throat, irritable sinus, tingling in my hands and arms, slightly swollen throat glands, blurred vision.  It’s probably just a virus.  That’s the logical explanation. Or it might be a rare re-occurrence of glandular fever (previous blood tests show I’ve had it at some point in my life) or it could be yet another indicator that I don’t have fibromyalgia at all.  It could be that it is something else ….

Today I have woken up with similar symptoms.  I’m not sure how severe.  I am up and walking about. But just in case, I have cancelled my day.  


  1. That sucks! Hope it passes quickly.

  2. vertigo sucks. I hope it passes quickly. And that your viral infection is just decimated or something. Rest up.


  3. There's a quite nasty virus going around here ATM, and it sounds like what you'e just described. Hope it passes FAST.

  4. Ugh. Horrible.
    Vertigo is so annoying and dibilitating, completely messes up everything. I hope its just a virus that passes quickly - Its intensly frustrating having that lingering feeling in the back of your mind that whenever something happens, it may be the Fibro. rearing its ugly head again.

  5. Feel better you. My son & I have had similar symptoms this week. Not sick, per se, just a little strange. Sinus has been a b*#%h, vertigo, nausea. Often wonder if it's all due to fibro/allergies that we seem to share. Hang in there. Hugs xx

  6. How scary for you. I hope whatever it is passes quickly.


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