Saturday, June 18, 2011

Day 620

My husband is a rock star!!

No wait, he's not a rock star.

My husband is an eBay star!

Yes, that's it.  Husband is featured in this month's eBay magazine.

Who knew there was an eBay magazine?!

Anyway, in his spare time he buys and sells comics on eBay and it is that little bit of pocket money that helps us do wonderful things like go to Hawaii and stuff ...

So while I toot Derek's horn (?!!?) let me also say I'm grateful for the time and energy he puts into his hobby.  Lying on a deck chair by the Hyatt Regency in Waikiki sure works for me ....

There are other people who are living their day in gratitude.  Check them out over at Maxabella Loves, because Maxabella loves living in the attitude of gratitude ... (ditto Maxabella, ditto ...)


  1. That's so cool. Congrats to Derek. I knew it was a hobby of his, but how fantastic that it brings in income. They just had a bit on one of the current affairs show about eBay millionaires. Apparently they are a growing breed.

  2. Where do you buy Ebay magazine? And how many copies have you bought?

    That is great. And Mr DFF is quite good looking too....phwoar! LOL.

    Have a great grateful Saturday!

  3. yeap that's pretty awesome, I'd be pretty happy with a little pocket money that saw me on a trip like that. Way too cool.

  4. Woot! Now, buy multiple copies, have him sign them over his face and then EBAY THEM!

  5. Goooo Derek! How cool is that!

    Who knew there was an eBay magazine? There is a magazine for everything!! x


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