Sunday, June 19, 2011

Day 621

Warning: Husband alert!

Remember – my husband drives me mental but he also keeps me sane. Yesterday we had “sane”, today not so much …

Tahlia and I went off to a calisthenics “extravaganza” last night. It was our state representative team showing off their wears before they head to Queensland to compete in Nationals. Now I don’t love calisthenics.  I’ve got to say that up front. It’s not my favourite thing to watch in the world but I appreciate it and will support the sport in which my daughter is currently involved. 

When you watch something like the “extravaganza” which shows all age groups, you certainly see a whole lot of growth.  Things start off pretty basic and low key in the younger age groups, they then start to get a bit tricky and razzle dazzle in the middle, and suddenly you are in the big league willing to pay the big bucks for front row seats. By the time we saw the seniors perform (and by seniors I mean those over 17 ….  not those with walking sticks and wearing Depends), I was completely enthralled. Holy shit! If that’s what calisthenics is actually all about then I’m hooked!  They were amazing!!

Anyway, it was a good night.  Tahlia and I had fun, but by 8.30 (and 4.5 hours of calo) I was ready for home.  Well, come on, it’s been a bit of a tough week with the “mystery virus” and all so I really just wanted some couch time with husband and a couple of quiet champas.

Before I go much further I have to tell you that (a) we were chauffer driven by another chick and her mum and (b) we live in a two storey home.  From the front you can see a big long second-storey balcony which borders the lounge room and the master bedroom.  Both rooms have French doors out onto the balcony with a view over the rooftops of suburbia below. We can see a lot from up there …

I also must tell you that my husband has no shame nor understanding of how, when it’s dark outside, and lights are on inside, the curtains should be closed.  Understand?  Good … because he doesn’t.

Anyway, as we were escorted home by our fellow calo enthusiasts (thanks Wendy and Iso) I was feeling pretty good about rounding the bend to the house.  There it was with the outdoor lights ablaze and a very welcoming glow coming from the joint - home sweet home. 

We turned into the drive-way, chatting away, when I noticed our bedroom curtains were open.  I also noticed the light was on.  Then I noticed the ensuite door was open and that light was on. I stopped speaking and just stared. And then in the same split second I noticed that my husband was in there and using the toilet.

Oh Em Gee. 

I squealed. Wendy lifted her head and said “what the …”  Then he stood and appeared to zip up his fly. 

And to be honest, that’s all I’ve got to say about that.

Do you pity our neighbours across the street? I’m starting to …


  1. bahahahahaha! Has your husband learnt yet?
    I was not aware that this was also the case with tinted windows. I learnt the hard way. I remember loving a hotel in my home town that had mirror tinted windows and one night in my wild twenties I had the opportunity to stay in said hotel in one of the corner rooms overlooking the busy intersection. I was drinking as was my "room mate" we did things in that window bay best left only hinted at. I had no idea until I was at a corporate function in a hotel across the road months later, that at night, when lights are on in those rooms, one can see all. ALL. I think this comment may be oversharing. but I hope it makes you feel better about your husband.

  2. LOL - yes, it does make me feel better! OMG. Thanks for sharing Toushka


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