Monday, June 20, 2011

Day 622

Drum roll please ......

Blow a bit of trumpet while you're at it .....

There comes a point when you’d really like to be able to invite your bloggy pals over for a cuppa and a chat. I’ve been reflecting on this a bit lately and decided “why the hell not?”  I can invite people over for a virtual cuppa.  We can shoot the breeze.  There’s nothing to say we can’t …. And besides, this blogging every single freakin’ day can wear a chick down … so why not use a few fillers occasionally?

So with that in mind I’ve decided to have “Guest Star Monday” – what a great way to start the week. Who said Monday’s had to be all about work, slog and sitting in the default position. They can be something to look forward to with a big dose of networking thrown in!

So here she is. My first EVER Monday Guest Star - the beautifully talented, big hearted, foxy and very yummy mummy - Toni from Chick Chat!  

Please give her a big round of applause, and while you're at it pop on over to her place for a look see. Feel free to join in the conversation as well .... since you're here and all ... 

"My, what a big ... um cup you have there Toni!"

Toni! You’re here. How exciting.  I loved hanging out at your place a few months back so figured it was time I invited you around to my place.

So, what will you have … tea, coffee, green tea, chai? 

COFFEE! Please. Bucket of. Milk in first, no sugar. I know, fussy. Sorry.

Fussy is fine.  I can do fussy.

How was the trip over from WA?  Can you believe I have never been to Western Australia?  I really must get over there. I hear it is beautiful.  I’ve got that right haven’t I? You’re in WA?  You did a post about the cyclone in Qld and that has me a bit confused.  Brain farts and all that …

Yep, I moved to WA back in the early 80s, and I live on the coast in the beautiful South West. I love love love it here.

My family's all back in Queensland, and I sometimes think it would be nice to move back there, but I love WA, so I don't know what will happen.

Have you ever been to Canberra?  What’s your image of our Nation’s Capital?

I actually haven't ever been to Canberra. Or thought of visiting. I'm reasonably well-informed and pretty active politically, and for some reason I never think of Canberra as being a place where real people live. Which is kind of stupid, now I've said it out loud.

LOL. Yeah, that happens.  I came here for uni and never left. 

So I’m the deep fried one here.  You don’t look nearly as deep fried.  How deep fried are you?  What’s your next big milestone birthday? 

Age. Wow. You know, I'm 46 this year (look of shock from Leanne), and staring down the barrel of 50, and some days it scares the hell out of me. I can't believe it. I feel about 30 in my head.

I would never have picked you for 46. I would have pegged you for 10 years younger. I totally embraced 40 (once I got over the shock of 39).  But now … I’m not loving the downhill slide on the other side …

My BF and I have talked about doing a tour of England in our 50th year – that's where she was born – but I don't know if that will happen. I feel like I should do something hugely extravagant so till then, the birthdays will be fairly quiet.
Also, you totally don't look deep fried!

You’re too kind. I definitely feel 40 … well, some days. Other days I feel ridiculously young and good looking.  The biggest shock about this whole mid life thing for me was the sprouting of hair in very odd places … like my lady beard/lioness mane, and the occasional chest hair. It seems wrong to have more chest hair than my husband.  What about you? Is your body doing strange things?

YES! I have whiskers (thankfully only about 6) and a mustache (thankfully very blonde) and white curly Catweazle type eyebrows. Nice. Nothing to be thankful about there.

LOL. Catweazle …. Speaking of cats, can you hear the dogs barking? We’ve been puppy sitting for my step-daughter and her fiancé while their overseas.  I’d show you the backyard but it is completely churned up and turned to dust right now. Plus there are land mines out there in the shape of canine defecation.  And we all know how much I can’t stand dog poo. (Heave).  Excuse me …. Sorry … how rude.  (Heave). 
I hurl easy. What’s your biggest hurl trigger?

Oh. Geez. I have a few. I'm very sensitive to smells but the worst thing is having things in my mouth. You know when you're talking and your hair blows across your mouth? Yep, gag right there. It doesn't even have to touch the back of my throat.
Poor Fabio.

LOL.  When you first said that I was thinking of the actual Fabio and his long hair. But then I realised you were talking about husband “Fabio” and his …

Moving right along.

So Toni, where are you headed? In life I mean. What’s your dream and where’s it up to? Strange question I know.  I like hearing about people’s direction. Besides raising happy and healthy children, mine is still this bloody publishing gig.  Everyday I think I’m getting a step closer but the light at the end of the tunnel still seems a long way off.  How far off is your light?

I kind of envy you. My dreams have always been to be a wife and mum, own my home, and faff around all day making a cosy nest. Small stuff. It must be very fulfilling to have something concrete and real that you've worked so hard for, even if it's taking longer than you anticipated?

Yeah, fulfilling is a good word for it. I like that feeling of having a purpose that might actually outlive me. You know, leaving behind a legacy and all that.  My kids are also my purpose … and I envy people who are completely fulfilled by that … it’s a good purpose to have … but for some reason though I just need something else as well  …

How’s your cuppa going? Would you like another?

MMMM, please!

I haven’t baked for you (sorry – Betty Crocker seems to have deserted me) but I do have some cashews and a bit of dried fruit to nibble on.  I’m also a sucker for Cruskits and cream cheese ….. but that seems a bit random to be offering a guest …. What’s your in-between mealtime snack?

Ummm.... ok.... this is gonna sound weird, but --- my new favourite nibble is frozen corn.

LOL – are you serious?! That’s a new one …

Yeah, I know.I can have chocolate in the house for weeks, if the kids don't find it, but plain salty thin sliced chips? OHHHH migod. LOVE them. And the salt was killing me. Literally. So I realised that part of the attraction was the CRUNCH. And frozen corn is crunchy, plus yummy, and it's gotta be better than ½ a cup of salt, right?

That’s very innovative Toni. Love it. I don’t have any frozen corn to offer you. Sorry.

Cruskits and cream cheese sounds good … if it's Philly!

Yep, it’s Philly! Always Philly.

[There’s a pause as we drink, eat our Cruskits and stare into space ….}

So, how’s your mother’s chooks?

[Pause and quizzical look from Toni]

Where the hell did that saying come from?  My dad used to say it a lot and it has stuck with me all my life.  It’s the thing to say when there’s a lull in conversation.  We should make up a new saying though. What do you think? Give me something to say Toni when small talk is in order ….

Nope, I'm stumped here. My dad has handed us all manner of peculiarities, including bizarre sayings, but we don't have one for small talk. Possibly because not one of us is EVER stumped for something to say....

LOL.  All this laughing is doing wonders for my winter blues ….

Hey, you do all this scrap booking stuff.  I know the Angel Scraps is really close to your heart and something you are very passionate about.  Tell me about your projects and what they mean to you.

Yeah, I love creating. I don't have the patience to stick with a large, complicated project, I prefer to do-and-move-on.

Scrapbooking comes out of my love of family. I love the stories and traditions, and scrapping is a way for me to record those and pass them on. The Angel Scraps site came out of my sons' death, so it's close to my heart but also really hard to do.

Yeah, I can imagine it would be terribly hard to do. That’s why I admire you so much for it.

I'm passionate about a lot of things. Politics, my footy team, raising boys...
What about you, what makes you jump up and down?

Definitely not politics, that’s for sure. And here I am the one living in Canberra?! I noticed you had another blog that was footy related.  I’m a Rugby League gal, but even that doesn’t make me jump around all that much anymore. Oh, except when NSW actually manage to win a game in state-of-origin. Hmmm. I am passionate about helping kids believe in themselves.  Most of my dreams revolve around that theme.  And anything to do with my kids.  I jump up and down a lot with, for and because of my kids.

Speaking of kids, if your kids were here with us right now, what would they be doing?  Would they come bowling in and settle into a different house, or would they be a little reserved? My kids usually start off reserved but settle in ok. My daughter blends easily, whereas my little man would prefer to entertain in his own home than head to someone else’s.  Tell me about your crew …

Hahaha, my kids would have taken over by now. They're VERY confident, sometimes embarrassingly so. They're also quite outspoken, which seems to be a family trait.

That’s good! They obviously have good self esteem.  You’ll have to bring them next time.

So Husband is off travelling at the moment? Is it for work? What does he do?

Fabio is a miner. So he's the guy who goes 'down the hole', and drills holes and blows stuff up, working in the dark day after day after day. He started when he was 18 and he loves it. He's good at it, too.

Wow, that’s really an interesting occupation.  The idea fascinates me. You don’t get many miners in Canberra!

I just think it's weird. He talks about life 'on the surface' – that's weird, right? To think that way?

Life on the surface! I love it …

It's like he's part cave-dweller.

What does your man do? Does it define your life? My husbands' job does. It's pretty much dictated where we've lived for the past 10 years, for example.

Husband is a sales person. He works for a major telecommunications company and he is really good at what he does.  It doesn’t define our life … we could move quite easily if we wanted to … although we’d have to stick to the big cities I guess … Derek is very much about work/life balance and he’s good at that side of things … but once a salesman always a salesman!

[Another pause while we sip and eat.]

What else can we talk about?

Oh, oh … where in the world would you go if you were given an open ended ticket?  I think I would head to the Greek Islands or do a bit of Italy.  Husband isn’t overly interested in the UK or Europe at all, nor Asia actually. He likes his trips to the USA and we’ve often talked about Africa.  But I’d love to drag him to Italy and Greece. What about you?

I WANNA GO TO VENICE!!! and dance with Fabio on the pavement under a misty streetlight, in a long dress and a floaty scarf... I saw it in a movie once.

And I would love to visit Machu Picchu and the ruins of Leptus Magna and Stonehenge and really any ancient pile of rubble will do.

Cool destinations! I’ve never really thought of ancient piles of rubble. Mind you it does sound interesting. My parents did Machu Picchu on Dad’s 60th birthday.  They did the whole walk from beginning to end.  Too bloody energetic for me!

Greece would also be awesome. If your man won't go, I will.

You’re on! Imagine that.  Imagine meeting in Bloggoworld and then ending up overseas together. 

[Toni is looking at her watch]

Are you serious? Is our time up?

[She nods]

Oh no!! Well thanks so much for coming over Toni.  I have loved having you in my house. Finally!!!

Me, too! I've loved visiting with you, can I come back some day?

Abso-freakin-lutely!! Come back anytime.  Bring your kids with you ….


  1. Nice to meet you Toni :)
    I'm pretty sure parts of that coffee conversation would've gotten hysterical if it was afternoon wine time!

  2. Afternoon wine! What a great idea. Might have to ditch the coffee and do that instead! LOL.
    Shall we do wine Michelle?

  3. afternoon wine ???? did someone say afternoon wine ...... YES PLEASE !!! sounds like you 2 gals had a fab chat today !!!!!

  4. Hey if there's wine I'm there. Again!

  5. LOVE IT! You do good chit chat, the pair of you! xx

  6. So fun! I feel a little girl crush forming, Toni.

    We have so much in common; from loving Leanne , being super sensitive to smells (lol-ed at your Fabio comment Leanne, I too was thinking the muscle/braun Fabio with long hair!), having whiskers and a mustache,I heart frozen peas, want to go to Venice BADLY (but would take the other Fabio, lol)and Machu Picchu (though that one's just a pipe dream, think i'm too lazy to make it a reality).

    Only thing I'm missing is the cave dweller who graces me with his presence 'on the surface'.

    Funny ladies.

    Can't wait for you to interview some of my other fave ladies (Mrs Woog, Sydney Shop Girl, Sarah from Ah, the Possibilities!, Edenland, and so many more). Great post xx

  7. I'm totally inviting you over for a cuppa too Boomerang Jane! So be prepared :)

  8. Did anyone else think that this a cooler and so much classier version of Brittany's Fondue for Two from Glee? Without the Vlog part of course.

    I love it! It is such a great idea. I'll have a skim latte with one sugar please! Thx.

  9. Skim latte? Challenging but will get it sorted for your visit E :)

  10. Lol, will sit by the mailbox awaiting my invitation! Now, you know me well enough to know I don't do tea, coffee or wine (shivers, is this girl too good to be true, some sort of fitness health nut you ask? He'll no, you know I loves me some coke - of the cola variety) hope this won't void my invitation?

  11. Coke it is! Husband has plenty stocked in the fridge already. Looking forward to your visit (and yes, check your mailbox daily :) )


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