Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Day 624

Do men shampoo their beards? 

My boy and I are reading Roald Dahl's "The Twits". Yep, got it from that library visit yesterday. It's hysterical! And right at the start it brings up an issue I often think about.  It asks a bunch of questions I have often asked.

The issue is Beards.  Not lady beards, but full on cave man hairy faces.

I could sit here and talk about all the things that run through my mind when it comes to the "cover your face" variety of beard, but I figured I might as well let Roald Dahl talk about it instead ... since he did such a good job at it in "The Twits" and all ...

What a lot of hairy-faced men there are around nowdays.
When a man grows hair all over his face it is impossible to tell what he really looks like.
Perhaps that's why he does it. He'd rather you didn't know.
Then there's the problem of washing.
When the very hairy ones wash their faces, it must be as big a job as when you and I wash the hair on our heads.
So what I want to know is this. How often do all these hairy-faced men wash their faces? Is it only once a week, like us, on Sunday nights? And do they shampoo it? Do they use a hairdryer? Do they rub hair-tonic in to stop their faces from going bald? Do they go to a barber to have their hairy faces cut and trimmed or do they do it themselves in front of the bathroom mirror with nail-scissors?
I don't know, but next time you see a man with a hairy face (which will probably be as soon as you step out on to the street) maybe you will look at him more closely and start wondering about some of these things.

And that is EXACTLY what I am going to do. I am off to stare at hairy faced men ....

Now that I've said it, I bet you will now too.

I'm not talking about the nice little manicured goatee variety here ... I'm talking about a full on Hairy McClarey ....

Do you have a hairy faced man in your life?  

How does he maintain his beard?  

What made him grow one in the first place?

As I'm a woman who plucks every hair out of my face, I'm intrigued as to why men grow them, how they maintain them, and is it more work or less work than shaving? 


  1. Fabio has a cute little goatee. It suits him very well, as he has a very young face without it.
    We trim it every couple of weeks and he washes it every day because of his job (he gets filthy!) but that's no trouble -- since he has almost no hair left on top, it sorta balances out.

  2. Now I am disturbed. I will always look at male facial hair with slitted and suspicious eyes.


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