Thursday, June 23, 2011

Day 625

There are far too many vomiting dogs for my liking.

I wish this was my dog - but no - mine prefers the carpet Image
Max-the-hip-gyrating-Lab was as sick as a .... um ... dog ... on Saturday, Sunday and Monday which had him at the vet for an overnight stay on Monday night.  He's old ... you've got to watch him ... dehydration, pancreatitis, possible disease, and all that.  Of course he came home all tail waggy and tongue slurpy on Tuesday and didn't blink an eye at the $550 we'd just spent on him nor the carpet that is now ruined.  The good news is he is well.

Here we are at Thursday and again I have been up since 2.30 with a vomiting dog - this time one of the puppies we have been baby-sitting.  Sigh.  You see?! Far too many vomiting dogs .... I'm not loving it.  My gag reflex has been working overtime.

Also not my dog - Image
On a brighter note .....

Actually .... there is no brighter note .....

There must be a brighter note. I've always got a brighter note.

Let me just find my brighter note ....

Huh.  It eludes me.

I'm trying to find a brighter note but between sick dogs, husband away, my own "flu",  a call into work at short notice, the second 2.30am "awake" this week and more lack of contact and no forward movement from Mr Publisher I'm feeling a bit jaded today.

Yes, my journey into the unknown world of Author-ville continues with only weeks until my contract will be breached if Mr Publisher doesn't get a book onto shelves soon.   Not to mention the E Book version and audio we agreed to. Oh yeah, and the website and press releases.  Did I mention the book signings? I have yet to approve the final set of mock-ups (in fact, I haven't seen a mock-up since February?!) Mind you, his executive assistant has made contact (after much poking on my behalf) which is a bit of a relief. It doesn't take a vomiting dog to keep me awake at night .... it just takes a publishing journey for me to hear said vomiting dog.

Oh, oh, oh .... I found it!

I do have a brighter note!! Yes, yes, yes.

Last week while I was battling the "mystery virus" I managed to spend a few hours on my NEW children's book series.  This one is targeted at 8-12 year old girls and will be in novel format.  Have I told you this already? I am almost finished book one which is incredibly exciting.  The main character is literally jumping off the page and coming to life and I love her dearly.  So yes, that is a bright spark in my otherwise frustrating fascinating week.

There's nothing like recognising the wins (no matter how small) to take you from drab-u-yuk to fabulous.

If you're feeling a bit drab head on over to Lucy's place to check out the people who are going from Drab2Fab.  You may get a little bit of inspiration .... or even a right royal kick up the bum.  

That's where I'm headed .....

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  1. Yay about the book!! How exciting :) not so fab about the sick dogs :( I hope they recover quickly and cheaply!


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