Saturday, June 25, 2011

Day 627

I was covering books in the school library yesterday when one of the Learning Support staff said to me

"Gee you have beautiful skin"

Are you serious?

"Yes, your skin is lovely.  I've often thought it.  Whenever I see you I marvel at your skin."

Well, thank you. 

I was in shock.  She thinks my skin is good?  I look at it with criticism and she looks at it with admiration.  Huh.

"What do you use?"

What do you mean?

"What skin care products do you use?"

I looked a bit blank.

Skin care products?

"What do you use to wash your face?"


"Water?  That's all?"

And a face cloth.  

"What about moisturiser?"

Actually, moisturiser is the one thing I do use (occasionally).  Oil of Olay.  

"My mother-in-law uses Oil of Olay.  She has beautiful skin too. Maybe that's the secret?"


I often talk about my Deep Fried Toolbox.   That little bag of tricks in which I store my tools for the illusion of youth.  Well, Oil of Olay is right up there at the top of my bag of tricks ... along with my suck-it-all-in-till-you-can't-breath undies, my hair dye and my tweezers.  Oh, and carrying around mascara to touch up my skunk line on my head when the grey starts poking through.

The interesting thing about Olay is that I can upgrade as I go along.  I started with the basic Oil of Olay and then progressed to Total Effects to combat the "7 signs of aging".  Right now though I am looking at the Definity range.  I am actually staring at it right now as it sits next to my computer.  After the compliments I got yesterday on my skin I thought I should probably pay attention to it a little more and keep it in its current condition for as long as possible.  So here I am now looking at tone correcting to "fight discolorations, dark spots and wrinkles for luminous skin" and perhaps even adding a bit of Olay Regenerist for some advanced anti-aging.  What do you think? Shall I give it a whirl?

What do you use?

Do you want to share one of your beauty secrets?  

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  1. I am an Oil Of Olay girl too. Always have been. My Granny was too. She and I have always been complimented on our beautiful clear (economical!) skin...



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