Monday, June 27, 2011

Day 629

Woot woot! It's Guest Star Monday again - the second edition of inviting on-line pals across to my joint for a virtual cuppa.

If you missed the first one click here to get a bird's eye view of my cuppa and chit chat with Toni from Chick Chat (hey, that rhymes.)

This week Lucy from Diminishing Lucy is in da house!! Lucy is one of my very first ever blogger buddies.  When I found her blog I thought she was the guru of the blogosphere.  She definitely inspired me to keep going.

Look at you with your "look at me" sign!!
I can’t believe I’ve actually got you at my joint. I’ve been following you since the very beginning.  So, what will you have … tea, coffee, green tea, chai? 

Coffee please, but only of its real coffee. And milk please, but only if it’s skimmed. If not, I’ll have tea, but only herbal. Peppermint ideally. And if tea, in a glass, not a cup. Sorry sorry sorry! I’m as bad as Meg Ryan out of When Harry Met Sally. I know it’s annoying, but I can’t help it…

LOL. You obviously know what you want in life.  I’ve got peppermint here somewhere ….. [rummaging through cupboard] … I’m going to have chai.  I’ve never ever put tea in a glass before … you learn something new everyday.  I’ll do the same for my chai then shall I?

Please excuse the dog hair on the floor.  It happens.  I tend to be tidy but not very clean.  I’m not much into vacuuming and dusting a lot.  And to be honest it looks neat enough around here but don’t dare open a cupboard door or the world may land on your shoulders.  And whatever you do, don’t enter my ensuite!!! What about you?  Are you clean or tidy? Or both?

My husband and children think I have OCD tendencies. I beg to differ.  I just like to feel in control and being tidy and clean helps me feel on top of things. I am not obsessive, but they, of course, think I am. That‘s because the kids are all grubby grotsters, and because my lovely husband thinks that all the household organisation just happens magically overnight, the cleaning being done by fairies.

LOL. Yes, those bloody elusive fairies! Legend has it that they do exist, but the little bastards never turn up at my place. 

As you can see, I’m a bit deep fried.  My 40-plus-a-tail is quickly about to become 40 plus a wiggly two beside it.  How deep fried are you?  What’s your next big milestone birthday?  Are you clawing back against it, or looking forward to the coming of age?

I am happier now than I have ever been. I like that my advancing age (42) gives me a greater sense of peace as the years tick over. But it terrifies me how things change so bloody fast now that I am middle-aged. My skin used to happily take on all form of neglect and I would still look rosy and peachy, regardless of how many cigarettes or bottles of wine I consumed. But these days, it just takes one late night and my skin looks OLD. Grey, dull, wrinkled and OLD. I get the shits with myself at how much of my youth I took for granted. But I am quite looking forward to being a cantankerous old lady. I shall embrace those possibilities…

[More laughter] …. I am totally getting visions of Ouizer (Weezer?) from Steel Magnolias now.  You don’t look OLD and wrinkly Lucy.  Clearly you didn’t “get on it” last night? You’re right though about that taking for granted thing. I had the BEST legs on the planet. No seriously … the were shapely but slender and I actually had knees.  All I seem to have now is tree trunks.  You’ll never see me in shorts anymore, that’s for sure!

The hardest thing about being deep fried for me is the body changes.  Almost like going through puberty all over again.  Actually, it’s exactly the same! As my 11 year old daughter is about to embark on her own journey of new bumps, and hair sprouting in unusual places, pimples, hormones and stretching skin …. My body is doing the same bloody thing! Only saggier.  Do you have any deep fried frustrations?

The facial hair thing shits me to tears. The waxing and plucking and exfoliating – so time consuming!

Worse than that though, is the weight loss thingo. I look back and realise how easy it is to lose weight when you have youth and fresh hormones on your side. And now, age and hormones are working against me. It takes me three times as long to lose weight. How I wish I had tackled all this weight loss bizzo in my early twenties!

I finally took your advice and did the whole NAIR thing on my face.  Do you get little pimple things under your chin as the hair grows back in?

 Ummm, no, I don’t. I use a combo – I pluck some big ones (nice) and I wax my top lip and I use Nair for the little forest crops. Then I exfoliate the whole lot and look like I have scrubbed my face sandpaper for a day. But the next day, it all looks smooth and respectable.

 Leanne, just don’t attempt threading, whatever you do….

Am I supposed to exfoliate my face/neck?  I haven’t been doing that.  Threading?  That sounds painful. You know I’ve been on this bloody frustrating publishing journey for a while now.  It’s all quite challenging.  But I guess there is light at the end of my tunnel.  Somewhere. What big goals and dreams are on your horizon?  Got any big challenges ahead?

I have actually. My youngest, Lexie, who is nearly five, starts full time primary school soon, so that opens up a whole spectrum of new opportunities, as it gives me a lot more time. I am working around her at the moment, on my own freelance writing work, but also part time in a fairly high profile real estate office. I am still in negotiations, but I think that I will complete some full time study in the final quarter of this year, so that I can become a licensed real estate agent, in time for when Lexie starts the school year in 2012…

Oh yay!! [vigorous gleeful hand clap].  That’s so exciting!! Go you!!!

How’s your cuppa going? Would you like another? Oh I have cakes! Betty Crocker is in da house.  Does Betty visit your place? Or are you like your very own Betty Crocker?

You know me Leanne. I fill time in life, and gaps on my blog with baking. My first career was hospitality, and so I can cook. Plus my mother and my Granny were both fantastic cooks, and they taught me so much. I love to cook from scratch. I do buy the occasional Betty Crocker, and recipe mix sachets, and always manage to stuff them up!

You know what Lucy, I DO know you.  I knew that was a stupid question when I asked it. Anyone that can have a spac attack over Master Chef like you did the other week has got to be a total wiz in the kitchen.  [Sigh.]  Not me …. To be honest, I just suck at it.  I do love Betty though.  Here …. This is completely [clears throat] fat free …

[Pause while eating double chocolate chip muffins and pouring more tea.]

Hey, you do know I drove all the way to Adelaide to visit your drive-in last year because you talked about it so much.  It totally rocked.  Have you ever been inspired to go on an adventure because of someone’s blog?

I am so sorry that we never got to meet when you were in Adelaide. But I am thrilled that the drive in was rockin’.

Blogs inspire me in general. They make me want to try new stuff all the time. I ended up at the AMB Bloggers Conference in March which was an adventure. I have been totally inspired by so many bloggers who actually get publishing deals – that has spurred my own writing on enormously.

Yeah, blogs are good like that.  There’s inspiration everywhere.

How green is your thumb? Mine is kinda brown. Did you know that some varieties of cucumber actually need to find a cucumber plant of the opposite sex in order to produce fruit! I didn’t know that, until we had a “barren” cuce in our garden. 

Cucumbers are sexy veg when you think about it…
I am not green thumbed. But I do a good line in compost. My lovely husband is incredibly green thumbed – I put it down to my compost. Behind every great man is a great woman; behind ever green thumbed husband is a compost collecting wife…who then enjoys the fruits of both their labours…

LOL! Yes, we shovel the shit and feed the worms for them that’s for sure.

If your kids were here with us right now, what would they be doing?  My daughter would be hanging around us wanting to get involved in lady chit chat. And my son would probably be looking after your little ones.  He’d totally be wanting to share his toys. 

Olivia would be torn. She is at the age where she wants to be all grown up and mature and hang around for lady chit chat, but also hankers to just get down on the floor with the younger kids and play with stuff. Her compromise is generally to sit at the table and listen in whilst drawing. She never goes far without a pad and a pencil…

Charlie would be nagging about computer games – he’s a geek boy. Or he may like to get in a wrestling match with Darby. But he would be popping back to us intermittently for a cuddle and the odd kiss. He likes women. He is an affection junkie. He tells me he loves how women smell so nice. He’d adore you, Leanne.

That’s so sweet! Darby would be in for a wrestle ….

And Lexie? She’d be dancing in front of us. Or nagging Talia to show her cheerleading moves. Or stripping off and asking about dress ups…she is a performer, for sure.

Oh wow. You have to bring them next time.  Tahlia would so be into that! She’s a mother hen and loves mentoring the younger ones. 

Tell me about your hubby.  If you had five words to describe him, what would they be?  For my husband it would be caring, talkative, loving, frustrating, handsome.  That last one is just in case he’s reading this ….

Derek sounds SO like my lovely husband. And they are both salesmen too – they have a near identical telco sales background. Andrew is kind. He is gregarious. He is charming. He is exasperating. He is pretty awesome, to me.

Huh! Looks like you need to bring your hubby with you next time too then! I’ll get the spare room ready and put fold up beds in the kids rooms.  It’ll be a lovely gathering.

What else can we talk about?

Oh, oh … who’s your freebie?  Mine used to be Robbie Williams … and then I went to Simon Baker …. But now I am kind of leaning towards Matt Damon.  Derek’s freebie was Pink, but then when I said I would turn for Pink he decided on Sandra Bullock coz he didn’t want to share ….

Hahaha, Andrew tells me he wants MY freebie to be Sandra Bullock so he can go a threesome…

My freebie would be Philip Glenister who stars in Life on Mars and Ashes to Ashes. I have a ridiculously public crush on him.

I have absolutely no idea who that is.  But I’ll look him up and we’ll invite him next time too. I am NOT going to tell Derek that he has to now share Sandra as well …

[Lucy’s phone rings ….]

Oh no, you don’t have to leave already do you?  [she nods]

Really?  Bugger. 

These sessions are far too short.  Oh well, thanks for stopping by Lucy.  Say hi to Adelaide for me!

Can I come by again?

Hell yeah! You’re staying over next time though. I am already plotting in my mind …

Or next time you should pop over to mine!

Sure! Why not.  It’s a small world after all …

Thank you for having me!



  1. Haha cute interview! Nice to see you getting out and about Lucy.

  2. Gold! Love it. very clever. :)

  3. Oh, I love this!! Just like a real chat (and I was eavesdropping!) :)

  4. What a great post. Thanks for the laughs.

  5. Thank you so much for having me Leanne - guru my wide arse - it was fun...xx

  6. Very cute girls, love it.

  7. I'm SO sorry I missed this on the day, but it makes a fantastic read anyway!

  8. Okay, that thing about the cucumbers? FREAKING ME OUT. They need to mate?

    I do so love Guest star Monday. (Even if it's Thursday where you are and I'm just popping over.) So much fun!

  9. So which of you lovely ladies would like to feature? I have my eye on your Draft Queen. How about it?
    Anyone else?

  10. Tea in a glass? How fancy pants! And threading is cooooool!


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