Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Day 630

I am still not well - despite my lovely cuppa with Lucy yesterday (what a lovely chat that was).

My glands are swollen, I am dizzy and fatigued.  I am losing weight without trying.  My arms hurt. My neck hurts.

Yesterday I picked Tahlia up from school at lunch time and we started to drive to Sydney for her first ever concert. Yes, Miley Cyrus was in the house!  [I will blog about that tomorrow.]  But during the drive I got the head spins around Lake George and felt like I was on a roller coaster ride.  My underarms were throbbing and my neck felt like it was going to snap if I turned.  No fever. No sweats.

I rang Mum as we were nearing the farm and asked what I should do.  I couldn't let Tahlia miss her first concert but could I drive in this condition?

Of course Mum said she would drive us, so I picked her up and she took over as chauffeur.

We arrived back in Canberra this morning and I went straight to the doctor.

It's still a mystery. Probably viral but a few odd things going on.  Could be glandular fever but I've had that before. Wee test came back clear but is being sent to pathology for further tests.  Urgent blood tests scheduled just to be safe.

It's a mystery alright.  A right royal Nancy Drew conundrum.  And it's giving me the right royal shits ...


  1. It is scaring me, so I can onolyimagine how it must be for you. Hoping you get some proper answers soon. xxx

  2. Goodness that's no fun my dear. Hope tgey get to bottom of it (ps if you do find out what it is, would be interested in knowing as I've been experiencing such similar symptoms - not that it means we have tge same thing, but you never know. Dizziness & swollen glands were attacking me yesterday)

    Your mum is truly a superstar isn't she?

    Can't wait to hear how the concert went. In an eerily parallel life we sometimes share, my daughters first concert was Hilary Duff! remember when Lizzie Mcquire was big?? Basically the Myley Cyrus of last decade. Feel better you xx

  3. Hope they figure out some answers for you soon. I just found you via Diminishing Lucy and have started following you. Come on over & follow me too? http://ramblingmum-mummabear1970.blogspot.com/
    Cheers, Karen.

  4. Oh no,

    Hang in there Leanne.

    Thinking of you.

    Take care

    SSG xx

    Sydney Shop Girl blog

  5. What is it with these weird illnesses that are hard or impossible to diagnose?

  6. Hope you get it figured out and get to feeling better soon! Rest up if you can!

  7. I'm certainly no physician, but this SCREAMS neurological to me.

  8. That's what I am afraid of DQ. And that has been my thoughts too ...


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