Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Day 631

What was your first ever live band?  

Who was the first ever pop star you saw perform live?

How did it make you feel?

Not counting the Leo Sayer "concert" I went to with my parents when I was about 13 (yes ... it happened), my first ever concert was Wham! I was 15.

A friend's mother drove a few of us to Sydney to see the infamous George Michael and his trusty side kick Andrew Ridgeley. Hell yeah.   It was the side kick that got my blood pumping. I was so in love.  I even had a magazine cut out of him framed in my bedroom. And that tartan jacket of his ... I had one just like it.

On the day of the concert I was beside myself I couldn't have been more excited. I was speechless to be honest.  And totally churned up inside.  I thought I might die with expectation and happiness as we drove into the big smoke.  I remember what I was wearing - lemon coloured 3/4 skinny jeans (with side zips), matching lemon coloured "denim" sleeveless jacket, over a white t-shirt with fluro writing, and plain white sand shoes.

We had McDonalds on the way into Sydney (at Liverpool I think) which in itself was a rarity as there was no McDonalds in my home town at that stage (there is now two).  

By the time we were in our seats at the Entertainment Centre I was shaking. Absolutely shaking.  I distinctly remember the feeling when the lights went down and the music started in the dark.  I remember the music coursing through my body as the spotlights started circling the stage.  I remember starting to scream uncontrollably and with complete abandon. I remember it so well.  

That is what I wanted for my Tahlia to experience at her first concert.  I wanted her blood to be pumping and her heart to explode with excitement, delight, expectation and awe.  

Miley isn't her "be all and end all" artist.  I chose Miley because I felt her to be more age appropriate than Katie Perry or Lady Gaga.  But we went and Tahlia got her little taste of "wham". She definitely got the full stadium experience.  She got the thrill of thousands of people.  She got the glow sticks in the dark, the pulsing music, the anticipation as the lights turn off and the music starts, the screams as Miley took to the stage.  And it was definitely Miley out there - there was nothing Hannah Montana about it.  Who knew Miley was such a rock chick?!  I enjoyed it more than I thought I would because not-so-deep-down I'm a rock chick too.  

Tahlia got her first ever concert on Monday night. She seemed to enjoy it.  She didn't get the shakes nor did she scream or stop breathing at any point. But she enjoyed it.

I wonder if she will count Miley as her first ever concert? Or will it end up being her Leo Sayer?

I dunno.  But whatever it turns out to be, I got to share it with her.  

Miley Cyrus - Sydney 2011

Miley Cyrus - Sydney 2011
Today I have cancelled EVERYTHING.  I know, I know, I've been doing a lot of that lately.  I feel like I have been sick on and off for months now.  I HATE being unwell.  It's so bloody counter-productive.  Anyway, I have cancelled it all and am back on the couch. I may actually be drowning in my own self pity ...


  1. Firstly, it really sucks you are unwell. You need to get answers! Between you, E and Boy 2 I think I am about to explode with frustration on all your behalves!!!

    Secondly, I took a special young friend of mine to her first concert aged 11. It was P!nk, and I have photos of her gorgeous expressions of joy throughout.

    My first biggie at age 12? AC/DC at the Civic Theatre in my home town!

    PS Sending e-mail...

  2. Rest up L. Hope the answers come soon.

    Well, I jumped the gun yesterday mentioning my then 9 or 10 year old daughter's Hilary Duff concert experience. My first concerts were The Police, Men At Work and Madonna (yes, we dressed up for her first concert in the then 'lace/virgin/whore' leggings, tutu & ribbon bow headband outfit) all in the same month. It was early 80's USA. Madonna was a relative nobody just starting out. My, those were the days. And I too had a temporary thing for Wham! Lol.


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