Thursday, June 30, 2011

Day 632

So today I lie in bed yet again.

Yesterday I got my blood results back and they were clear. I insisted on another appointment to discuss next steps.  The earliest I could get in was Saturday arvo.

This may well be 'just a virus' but it has had me by the short and curlies for weeks now, so something has got to give.  And at the moment it is me .... I have given in completely and am laying in bed.

I hate laying in bed.

Sure, it's fine occasionally and it is kinda relaxing and stuff, but to do it as much as I've been doing it just SUCKS.

My glands are all still swollen and all throbby and pain shooty.  And I am dizzy whether I am standing, sitting or laying.  I have tingling in my arms right down to my hands. Slight headache. I don't appear to have glandular fever (or Mono as it is called in the US. I always wondered what "mono" was, and now I know ....)  So what the hell do I have?

A virus that is going on for WEEKS?

Sigh.  Tis giving me the shits whatever it is.

So here I lay ... watching daytime TV and reading OK magazine.  And mixing cheer music for opening ceremony of Kanga Cup which we are doing in just over a week. And re-reading my kids novel and editing it. And getting prepared for more Guest Star Monday's.  And doing some study for a client.  And emailing Mr Publisher as he contacted me overnight to schedule a phone call. And ...

.... just lying here feeling all head spinny and useless.


  1. Sorry to hear you are still feeling crappy.

  2. Oh Leanne, I am glad your bloods are clear, but I wish you know what was going on.

    I wish I could lie in bed all day - but I think I can remember how boring it actually is when its forced...

  3. Hope Saturday brings some answers, but clear test results is a good start. And, for someone who's lying in bed, doing nothing, you're doing more in there than most people get up to in a day outside of bed. Maybe one whole day where you aren't 'doing' something other than sleeping or genuinely resting - no matter how boring I know it can be. I know you like to move at warp speed though, lol. Big hugs from your bloggie friends. Well done on getting to showcase at the Kangaroo Cup - that's a huge event.

  4. are* not is. Silly iPhone swapped Kanga for Kangaroo!


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