Friday, July 1, 2011

Day 633

Tetris anyone?

So I am sitting here at sparrow's fart drinking green tea.  I have just had a call from Mr Publisher.

Can I just say right up front here that my contact point over there is just lovely.  He is so helpful and willing.  We chatted for about half an hour.  He explained the frustrations with getting the book published.  And you know what?! I am so pleased he is frustrated.  Because that means he wants it perfect.  He is not willing to compromise. And I like that.  He and I are on the same page. And now that we have spoken, I know where we've gone wrong.

The artwork is fantastic. The artwork is absolutely beautiful and we don't want to take away from it, so we need to add the text into the coloured background while keeping the artwork accentuated.

At the same time we need to keep the font size at a level that kids can read without strain, while ensuring it  fits into the art work.

Then we need to keep the pattern of the words consistent on each page to assist with the reading process.  The book is written in an "audio" pattern, so it makes sense that we want it to be viewed in a pattern as well for consistency.

Now the problem is, I didn't think of any of this when I contracted the art work.  I just said .... make sure there is plenty of water colour background to fit the words in.  And my awesome artist did exactly that. But each page is different and some has more space than others, all at different points on the page.

So Mr Publisher and I are trying to work out how to fit in all the words, without reducing the font, in a pattern that is consistent on every page, without taking away from the artwork.  I know, I know, it sounds simple.  Believe me, it should be.  But it kinda isn't.

So we have both agreed to meet again in 24 hours with some possible solutions. In the meantime we are both putting on our Tetris caps  and trying to make it all fit while not losing the magic of the book in the process.  And he is also going to grab his computer nerd cap and try and electronically expand the background water colour for those pages that need a little extra space.

And in future I will keep this in mind when talking to artists and writing books and thinking of audio patterns.

It's an interesting and educational journey this publishing gig. It's all so freakin' fascinating!!

Yes, I am still all head spinny and swollen glandy.  It continues ....


  1. Aha - this is where the Design Manual and the Style Manual come in!

    Every blog/site/editorial I read stresses the importance of the page settings and style. It is also apparently why publishers like picking their own illustrators.

    BUT I thought this should/would have been set by the publisher from submission and acceptance?

    Geez Louise, you are right - it is a bloody hard gig.

    and I wish those glands would shrink back on down and you felt better

  2. Yeah - it pays not to wear the right goggles when you start on this journey so that you're not going in blind. Oh well, tis the first of many :) Glad you got yours sorted from the beginning MM!!

  3. Don't know that I would call it sorted, lol.

  4. So very glad to hear that things are still progressing will get worked out and we will see your book on shelves


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