Monday, July 4, 2011

Day 636

Well I’m rolling out the purple carpet again and welcoming a hot guest star into my home.  This week’s Monday Guest Star is E from Whining at the World!  

I didn’t find out until a few months ago that E was actually living across town from me.  So with the excuse of borrowing a book we had a real life cuppa in the city.  It was wonderful! We’ve had another real lifer since then, but right now we are having a virtual cuppa because I really wanted her to walk the purple carpet and be part of Guest Star Monday.

Hi E!  It’s so nice to have you in my home. I know we’ve actually met face to face before, but it’s kinda cool to have you sitting on my chairs.

It’s nice to be here.  I’ve always envied the neatness of your place in the photos and Vlogs I’ve seen.

Yeah, I’m usually neat on the surface, but not always clean.  Don’t open a cupboard door whatever you do … and no white gloves allowed. 

What would you like to drink? Tea, coffee, chai, green tea … water … coke?

I’ll go a skim latte with one sugar if you have that but I’m not a coffee snob so I can do instant or tea. Both of those are white.  I’ll go with whichever is easiest for you.

I don’t drink coffee at all so asking for a skim latte is a bit foreign to me. Does it come in a little sachet like the Chai Latte does? How about a tea then. I’ll join you.

How are you enjoying this lovely Canberra winter?  I think it gets colder every year.  I do try to remind myself that I have chosen to live here … it helps me to keep my swearing to a minimum.

Because I’m not quite myself this year I’m really feeling the cold.  Normally I can wander around with jeans and a t-shirt and as long as my feet are warm I’m okay.  This year I’m wearing jackets and still shivering. But Girl Child has taken to not wearing a jacket this year at school which Boy Child does as well.  I guess it’s just me feeling it more this year.  Maybe I’m getting old….

What is it with kids and not rugging up?! Drives me batty with my boy.

You look well. You’re hair is growing back. It seems like forever since you did the World’s Greatest Shave.  Do you think you’ll grow your hair back to where it was, or will you keep it short?  It suits you short by the way.

Ooh the hair thing.  Apparently my hair grows fast. I did it in March at Girl Child’s school with another Mum and for a while there it was a bit of a competition whose hair was longer. I win! Especially because I had to shave off the Mohawk and then again to get the rest of the colour out.

Thank you for saying it suits me short.  This time around it wasn’t such a shock.  Last time (2008) I had hair down to the middle of my shoulder blades so going from collar length was less confronting. I don’t think I’ll ever grow it back down to where it was the first time.  But it’s at that odd stage now where I need to use lots of product to make it all do the same thing.  But it’s fun to play with.  All up, all flat or spiked in the middle is pretty cool.  I have to use Hard as Rock Gel to get it so stay whichever way I put it though.

Hard as Rock Gel? Hells bells.  It looks good though. 

Speaking of rock hard heads, how are those ridiculous headaches going?  Or don’t you want to talk about them?

Ouchy. I’m happy to talk about them or not.  It’s just pissing me off really.  And I cry every time I go to the GP.  Which is sad as he is friendly and good looking.

It’s worse when they are good looking! You cry more … because you just want to jump in their lap and have them cuddle you … well, I do …

He does offer tissues and apparently I can have tea one day!  To be honest I’m really struggling.  I feel as though I mention the whole headache thing constantly and then I get the occasional comment from someone along the lines of an incredulous“Oh you have had a headache for 14 or 15 weeks?” followed up by “ Have you seen a Dr?” 
Is it wrong to want to thump them?

LOL. I hear you!!  Especially at the moment as I battle my own stupid “mystery virus” that has been going on for weeks …

You know, I’ve suffered migraines my entire life …. Well, since I was 11.  I feel like a world authority on headaches. I’ve tried all different preventative measures, cures and everything in between.  I think I have a handle on mine now.  And then just when I think I know it all I learn something knew.  Just last week I was at the chemist to get some codeine enhanced medication when the chemist told me that codeine can actually cause rebound headaches.  Did you know that?  I didn’t know that. So here I am having a headache that is lasting a few weeks (on and off) and it could be that I am actually causing it to happen because I am getting rebound headaches. Anyway, she told me to go to asprin or ibuprofen instead and BINGO headache gone.  You see, you really do learn something new every day …

See I have been really lucky in that this is new to me.  I can’t imagine how much proper migraines with nausea and light sensitivity etc. would suck.  I just have visions of people lying in dark rooms with buckets crying when a bit light comes in. A bit melodramatic I guess but that’s how I think of them. 

You’re pretty close …

I’ve spent some time talking to my local pharmacists (thank goodness I have used the same chemist for years otherwise they may think I’m addicted to pain relief) and knew about the rebound effect.  I think I even found a paper on line somewhere about it as well. It’s a vicious circle. And it’s not just the codeine that can do it. 

So what can you teach me today … just to keep that "learning something new every day" sentiment alive …

Ummm did you know that …

Can I get back to you on that? My head hurts… L  Oh wait… You may have learnt this already from previous meetings … I’m much wittier in my head and on my blog than I am in real life!

LOL. You’re great E.  In person and in real life.  Glad to hear you are great in your own head too. 

I know you have a sensitive tummy so I didn’t bake you a cake.  Ditto here (with the sensitive tummy).  I can eat cake and stuff, my sensitivities are largely MSG based (including natural MSGs like tomatoes and stuff which SUCKS!!) … yours is gluten?

Your sensitivities must be hard to deal with.  I’m a coeliac. At least with Gluten you just avoid things with oats, wheat, rye and barley and you are basically okay.  You can just fall back to fresh fruit and veg and still be GF. 

Yeah, like any sensitivity you just have to know what it is and adjust accordingly. It’s not hard. I was a bit worried about the celiac thing so I just have a mixture of fruit and nut for morning tea.  Does that sound alright?

Thanks, that’s great. And healthy, too.

What did you want to be when you grew up?  I started off wanting to be a hairdresser, and then I wanted to be a vet’s assistant (not a vet mind you … too much pressure … just the assistant) and then I wanted to work in an office. I guess I kind of did all that!  I ended up in the office of the Australian Chief Veterinary Officer for 12 years as his assistant (not quite what I had in mind at the age of 12) plus now I am a hairdresser to my kids!! LOL.  What about you?

I remember wanting to be a librarian and a vet (not an assistant though – maybe Girl child’s not playing well with others comes from me!).  Mostly, I just wanted to be a writer.  Even a journalist for a while.  I knew I wouldn’t be able to ask someone how they are feeling after a tragedy without crying myself.  Plus I feel that journalism can be too sensationalised and depersonalised.   But I ended up with a Degree in Administration and become a Finance and Business Admin person. I was in the Public Sector for 14 years but thankfully now have a much more flexible boss. 

Yeah, I get that crying thing.  I cry all the time for/with other people. Hell, I even cry when someone wins the big prize on “The Price is Right!” I’m hopeless. So E, what are your plans?  I recall you getting a bit of a “jolt” when you read Dancing Backwards in High Heels. You could totally relate to the book.  Have you had any epiphanies since then?  Do you know where you’re headed?

Plans, I’m supposed to have plans?

LOL. Well, I don’t suppose you have to.  I’m a process girl …. I need plans …

Man, that book was a bit of an "OMG that’s my life" in parts.  I’m so grateful that I picked it up.  I have a friend who I need to lend it to as well.  I must get onto that.  I guess the major epiphany I had was talking to others about it.  Lots of people seem to feel like they have lost themselves in the day to day drudgery of life.  Whether it’s with work or kids or both or just life.  I think lots of us feel as though the us (in my case the E. as an individual) is being overwhelmed with other stuff.  I still don’t know where I’m headed.  But I guess I’m not going backwards and that’s a good start.

So no dancing backwards then?
You’re not 40 yet. You’re a youngin’.   I like 40. Well, except for the changing body surprises. I think it is a really good age for reinvention.  It’s the beginning of the second half of your life and I gave myself to start all over again.  For me it was lurching myself fully into fitness and writing and the journey of author-dom.  If you could do anything in the world ….. if you could look at 40 as a chance to reinvent …. imagine the sky is the limit …. What would you “do”? Who would you “be”?

Can you tell my kids I’m young, please? The other day Girl asked me was I alive when the word began.  Talk about disheartening.

Oh my God! That’s hysterical.  Yes well, our kids do think we’ve been around forever …

Umm..reinvention? I guess I see the later part of my life as not having to live up to other people’s expectations. So being able to do what it is I want rather than what others want for me. So I’ve got a blank slate.  And more than a year to think about it!

Wooo hooo!! That’s the spirit. 

Tell us about Mr E.  How would you sum him up in one sentence? 

That’s tough. Only one sentence?  What would you say?

I don’t even know how I’d sum Derek up.  Maybe something like “he’s as bold as brass, with not much class, but with a very big heart and (if I am going to stick with the rhyming thing here I’d go with) plenty of fart!”  Not sure he’d like that description though. I might need to rethink that.

Oh, that sentence could work for Mr E as well.  LOL.  He wouldn’t be impressed either. Mr E. has the same colour eyes as Harry Connick Jr,, is caring, and can cook better roasts then me.  Would that work?

Harry Connick eyes?!  Really??  Wow. It works for me … (I’d forgotten about Harry Connick, I might have to add him to my “list”)

Do you have any hobbies?  I don’t think I do.  I mean, I guess blogging is my hobby.  But then again writing is also my dream and my new direction, so does it also count as a hobby?  Throwing paint on a canvass could probably be regarded as a hobby I suppose.  I like to do that from time to time.

Painting is good, I’d consider that a hobby.  But I don’t have an artistic bone in my body. Like you, I think Blogging is my hobby.  I don’t do much else except read and sleep.  Do those count as hobbies? I know! Coffee is my hobby.  I have two standing coffee dates every week. And sometimes I run away and have coffee on my own too just for me time.

Sleep and coffee sound like great hobbies!

I don’t drink coffee but Chai Latte would do it for me. Actually, I had a Chai at Gloria Jean’s last week and the bloke at the counter gave all the women a New Idea magazine.  Wasn’t that kind?  I don’t read New Idea usually, but I took it with gratitude. What’s your favourite magazine and where do you read it? 

I don’t have a favourite magazine.  In fact, I rarely read them.  Mainly in Dr’s waiting rooms and occasionally at the local coffee place when as I mentioned before I run away for some me time. But not generally when I’m meeting up with people because that’s rude, so I’ve been told.

Ha ha!! I have to admit that although I have trashed all the gossip rags I do still like to read “OK” magazine.  I mean, out of all of them it seems to report the most positively and with at least a little fact to back up their stories.  I have this not-so-secret need to keep up with the famous people.  Oh, and I read it in the bath.  That’s my space …. My fortress of solitude. Do you have a space where you can escape?

I have Mummy Time in the bath.  I close the door and pretend I am somewhere far, far away.  I read books there so that helps me to go someplace else in my head. And I run away to the local coffee shop a few times a week.  But I have no Fortress of Solitude.  Besides wasn’t it made of ice crystals?  It would have been cold and uncomfortable. Sorry for the Superman references for those who have no clue what we are talking about. 

I found out that the Fortress of Solitude was made of ice crystals this year.  I didn’t know that until my cousin had a Fortress of Solitude cake for their son’s first birthday.  It was a work of art! I had no idea what it was. Husband did of course (being a comic man and all).  So I learned something new at that 1st birthday party.

Tell me about your kids. If they were here with you right now, what would they be doing? 

Kids? What kids?  Do you mean that Girl child who’s alternating between screaming when she sees your dogs and interrupting our conversation to show us a new dance she’s made up?  Oh wait; she’s not really here is she?  That’s just what I think she would be doing.  And eating.  She gets ravenously hungry at other people’s houses.  I think it’s so she can pretend I never feed her.  And so she can look into their cupboards to see if they have better stuff than we do.

Ha ha ha.  Sounds like my Darby!! The sudden starvation at other peoples houses …

Boy Child would be listening to his IPod.   I’m not sure what he did before he had it. And he’d be drawing. Although if your kids were here too he’d be happy to play basketball or soccer with them.  He was very surprised to find out that High School kids hang out and talk rather than do stuff.  But it depends on his mood sometimes if the TV was on he’s probably glued to it. 

Well, if my kids were here the TV would be on and a computer going somewhere, but if there was any chance someone would want to play ball (any version of ball) then Darby would be outside frantically pulling out every ball in his collection … and miss Tahlia would probably grab your girl child and do a bit of dancing with her. 

Did you want another drink? 

Thanks but I’m all good.  I really should go and pretend to do some work.

Oh no, you have to leave?  Really?  That sucks. 

It certainly does. It’s been lovely to chat, as always. 

Thanks so much for coming over E.

Shall we do it again one day soon?

That would be great.  Thanks!

Ciao ciao my friend. 


  1. Thanks so much for the chat! I am very honoured to have been invited over.

    We need to catch up again soon.

  2. AHA! a new blog to read... very much enjoyed eavesdropping on your conversation!

  3. That was fun! :D Am jealous that you've actually sat and had coffee with Miss E though.

  4. haha thanks for letting me eavesdrop on your conversation. :) I dont drink coffee either and blogging is my only hobby i think lol


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