Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Day 637

Before you read Tuesday's terrors, be sure to look at yesterday's post so you too can have a lovely deep fried cuppa with E from Whining at the World.

Whatever this "mystery virus" is - whether it's fibromyalgia or not, whether it actually IS a virus or not, whether it's the winter blues or not, whether it's stress or exhaustion or not, whether it's labarynthitis or not, whether it's MS or not - whatever this "mystery virus" is it's completely driving me mental.

I think I may actually be going insane.

Last night at cheer practice I was at the end of my tether. It took every ounce of energy to be there. I was still in this weird white spinny fog, with electricity pulses in my arms, and body fatigue.  And with a bunch of pre-teen girls all hyperactive, chatty, lacking attention, falling out of stunts and generally distracted, I thought I was going to severe the tether completely.  I quite honestly couldn't cope.  I stayed as calm as I could and then drove home with continued head spins, peedles and fatigue.

Whatever this "mystery virus" is it is completely stealing my sanity.

MRI on the brain today. Will keep you posted ....


  1. I hope the MRI gets you some answers. More than that I hope you feel better soon. It sounds awful.


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