Thursday, July 7, 2011

Day 639

I had a dream about Richard Branson last night.  It was a very vivid dream where I was wandering around some sort of Virgin shopping centre, with first class hotel and meeting rooms.  I saw Richard and had the opportunity to chat to him (can't remember where and why) and I conducted myself very professionally and didn't get all star struck or "look at me, look at me".  Whatever we were chatting about was of no relevance to anything other than me being pleasant and polite. Then I recall he got into a limo and drove off and in my dream I was kicking myself because I didn't talk to him about my business proposal.  (You will recall I wrote him a virtual letter here.)

If you have read his autobiography "Losing my Virginity" he states very clearly that many of the services and areas of business within Virgin have come about because a simple Jo Blo has wandered up to him on the street and made suggestions.  In my dream I was tearing my hair out for not having  been that Jo Blo and talking to him about "The Big Idea" I sent to the Asia-Pacific office a month or so back.  In my dream I was feeling very annoyed and deflated.

I hate those dreams.  I am still kicking myself this morning even though it didn't really happen.

Clearly I need to follow up on that email I sent to Virgin to see where it's at ...

MRI results show all is normal.  That is good news.  Except now I am none-the-wiser so the medical conundrum continues.  Sigh.  Oh well. It's probably nothing Hawaii wont' fix! Bring on the sun ...


  1. I would certainly have beaten myself up all day as well.

    As for the MRI, I guess we're just two ladies with normal MRIs and completely ABnormal stuff going on.

    Which kind of makes me wonder how many of us are out there, diagnosis-less...

  2. I hope that you get some answers OR peace soon. And that the sun is a balm for everything. xo

  3. I agree Draft Queen. It is puzzling and oh soooo frustrating. It's nice to know there are others around though who completely understand.
    JBS - the sun is great medicine. I can't wait!


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