Friday, July 8, 2011

Day 640

That will be me in 5 days ... minus the white bikini ... whoops ...
I mean in a different swimsuit (not in no swimsuit at all *blush*)

Ok, so I am really counting down the days to Hawaii now.  I am almost ready to count the hours ...

I've just got to get through our big cheerleading commitment on Sunday and then I'm going to go completely "aloha" ...

As I sit here in Uggies, with the heater pumping, my head continuing to do spinny things and my vision a little impaired, my arms all tingling and absolutely no energy, all I can think about is lying by a pool with my eyes closed feeling nothing but HEAT on my entire body.

There is a tiny problem.  Our hotel pool is currently closed for renovation. Are you shitting me?!?!  Who closes their pool in the middle of their summer peak period?!  WHO?!??  Well, the Hyatt Regency, that's who ....



Anyway, after a bit of emailing they have assured us that all will be good in the world and that we will have full access to the pool at the Marriott Resort and Spa which is only about half a kilometre away.  Less than 10 minutes walk.  You know what, I am embracing that walk.  At least I will have to actually move my legs during our vacation which is a good thing.  And then I can go SPLAT and soak up the aforementioned heat.

Yep, on this fabulous Friday as my kids rejoice in their last day of school, as my husband rejoices in his last day of work, and as I prepare the final bits of choreography for Kanga Cup, I am counting down the days.  Only 5 days to go and we'll be on that plane baby .....


  1. So jealous! I looooooove Hawaii!

  2. Man I wish I was going to Hawaii, they have beaches there too you know, incase your all pooled out :)

  3. Can I come to Hawaii, too? A friend of mine moved there a couple of months ago... I keep threatening to move in with her.

    Do they have you on any meds for the tingling/migraines? Since my triple-dose, I've been having significantly fewer migraines and tingling. (And no face-pain-of-death.)

  4. I stayed at the Marriott there ten years ago and it was divine - so jealous that you get to use their pool! :P


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